CRONY Warwolf Q12Plus Max Speed 100km/h dual-drive high-speed electric scooter 11inch Electric Scooter 72v 28AHLG with Seat -

CRONY Warwolf Q12Plus Max Speed 100km/h dual-drive high-speed electric scooter 11inch Electric Scooter 72v 28AHLG with Seat

CRONY Warwolf Q12Plus Max Speed 100km/h dual-drive high-speed electric scooter 11inch Electric Scooter 72v 28AHLG with Seat


Summary of the Kaabo Wolf King

The Kaabo Wolf King electric scooter is pretty similar to the Wolf Warrior but better in every aspect. The Wolf King falls in the category of the top of the range electric scooters with its incredible power, superior folding mechanism, robust dual stem hydraulic suspension, ultra-bright headlights and a loud horn. It’s essentially a speed machine built for experienced scooter riders looking for an adrenaline rush.

The scooter features rugged solid construction with massive hydraulic shocks and a tubular steel exoskeleton with a striking gold finish that adds to its aesthetic qualities. The scooter’s handlebars are pretty broad, measuring 24.6 inches, and feature a rubber finish providing maximum grip and stability when riding. A pair of majestic gold rings are placed on each handlebar’s ends, adding to the scooter’s premium finish.

What’s more, the controls are intuitively placed, allowing users to control the scooter fully. The Eco/Turbo and Single/Dual motor selection buttons and the innovative EY3 display and finger throttle are placed on the right side of the handlebars, allowing for easy reach and control.

The Wolf King is a true performance monster. Combining MiniMotors’ electric system and a 72V battery, the Kaabo Wolf King delivers unprecedented torque levels and power like never before. The scooter is equipped with dual 1500W motors found at the front and the back, propelling it to an impressive top speed of 60 mph (100km/h) in full acceleration mode, i.e. turbo: on, Dual motor: on, P-settings turned up. The scooter also has an impressive acceleration, zooming from 0 to 48 km/h in just 4.9 seconds. With such high power, the scooter can effortlessly conquer intense climbs of up to 45-degrees at full throttle.

The enormous dual motors are powered by a 72V 28Ah Samsung 35E battery with SBMS and dual 40A Minimotors controllers producing up to 6720W of power output. As a result, the scooter has an incredible range of up to 50 miles, 20 miles fewer than the Wolf Warrior (70 miles). The scooter’s range is dependent on several factors such as riding styles, terrain, weight, hill climbs etc. Realistically, except a range of probably less than 50 miles depending on the factors mentioned above.

Regarding battery charge time, the Wolf King has implemented an innovative charging mechanism that sees the overall charging time drop to just 5 hours when using two chargers- on the two charging ports, and 19 hours on a standard charger alone. The manufacturer recommends that you use both the standard and the fast charger to optimise the process. With such an efficient charging system, don’t expect to wait for long to charge your scooter fully.

Expect utmost comfort when riding the scooter owing to its impressive features that enhance the ride quality. The scooter features thick 11-inch tyres and an impressive hydraulic suspension providing a springy cushioning for a highly comfortable ride. It almost feels like gliding on air as opposed to riding. The scooter boasts high-end, motorcycle-grade inverted hydraulic front shock absorbers and dual rear springs, delivering an extremely high level of shock absorption even on rugged terrains. The 3-5-inch wide, large tubeless tyres have excellent traction and effectively soak up the underfoot obstacles for comfortable rides. In essence, the stiff frame, solid suspension, spacious rubberised deck, ergonomic handlebars and fat tyres work in combination to achieve an excellent ride quality.

Like most powerful electric scooters, braking is essential. The Wolf King is fitted with a pair of front and rear hydraulic brakes, which are extremely powerful and sensitive to touch. While both the rear and front brakes can be engaged simultaneously, it’s advisable that you use the rear brake first to decelerate the scooter then pull on the front brake to bring the scooter to a slow stop. You can shift your weight towards the scooter’s kick plate while braking for better control.  The Wolf King has an ESG certified braking distance of 3.1 m evidencing the high efficiency of the brakes.

The Wolf King electric scooter is a lot of things, but easily portable is not one of them. Its sheer weight and extreme size make it pretty difficult to fold, let alone carry. Besides, the folding mechanism is rather complicated and takes a bit of time and practice to fold it securely. To fold the scooter, you must first understand how the three components of the folding mechanism work, i.e. the pull-lever, the red safety mechanism and the safety pin with a chain leash.

The Wolf King doesn’t fold down to a compact package, with longer folded dimensions (126L x 125 W x 66 H cm) than the unfolded (150 L x 47 W x 27 H cm). Besides, the handlebars don’t fold inwards, plus the stem doesn’t lock to the deck; thus, it is extremely difficult to place it in the back of your car. In short, while the scooter can be folded, it’s less compact and weighty, limiting its portability and storage in compact spaces. Nonetheless, the scooter can still fit in a truck bed or SUV boot, and you can easily load it yourself.

The Kaabo Wolf King is safe to ride at night, thanks to the combination of super-bright headlights, fender-mounted brake light and under-deck lighting that provide maximum visibility. When braking, the rear safety lights illuminate, ensuring you’re visible from the back. The scooter also features a smart EY3 (EYE3) MiniMotors trigger throttle with an LED display that allows you to customise the configuration of the scooter to match your needs. The EY3 displays several metrics relating to the scooter, including speed, battery level, and access to your P-settings.

Apart from being IPX4 water-resistant, the Wolf King comes with some other impressive highlights, including an electronic anti-lock brake system (E-ABS), cruise control, riding mode and easy to access buttons that allow you to alternate between the 4-speed modes. It also features a horn, which can be accessed via a button on the left side of the handlebar.

Overall, the Kaabo Wolf King is undoubtedly the king of the trail. It’s an extraordinarily powerful scooter with outstanding performance, excellent build quality, incredible ride quality, powerful braking without forgetting the aesthetics achieved via the gold finishing touches and the Blue LED under deck lights.

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