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CRONY SQ-952 Quran Speaker Mural Light

CRONY SQ-952 Quran Speaker Mural Light

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CRONY SQ-952 Quran Speaker Mural Light

Sq-952 Quran Speaker Mural Light

Turn on the utility power to wake up, the LED light is cold, and it will automatically enter the Bluetooth mode when it is turned on.
Turn on the light and turn on the cold white light. Short press the light color switch on the remote control to switch the lights of different colors.
Short press or long press the remote control brightness adjustment key to adjust the brightness of the light.
Freely switch between Quran mode, Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode.
The first time the volume is at the upper and middle levels, the volume is the same as before the memory after the power is turned on again, and the volume has a memory function.
The remote control switches the language of readers, small books, and TRANS. The UI interface of the app follows the corresponding changes.
Countdown shutdown time is calculated from the current time to 0, and countdown startup time is calculated from the start of the shutdown time to 0. Music is the startup music played after the startup prompt tone is played, and the light is the startup light color.
Connect to mobile phone Bluetooth to play music, the volume cannot be switched through the app. The remote control can switch the volume, up and down.


Model No Sq-952
Product Weight 2.8 Kg
Features Bluetooth, MP3, Quran Mood
Light Type LED
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