Intex 12V Krystal Clear Saltwater System -28676

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Product description
Intex 28676 is an effective device for chemical water treatment in the pool. The chlorine generator helps to protect water from the multiplication of microorganisms, controls the formation of mold, algae and mucus on the walls of the pool. The device does not require additional chemicals for swimming pools: as a reagent is used common salt, which must be previously dissolved in water. Water passes through an electrolytic device with titanium plates and a device that produces copper ions, after which chloride acid is formed, which cleans the water at the chemical level. The chiller is equipped with a timer and a touch control panel, with which you can select the operating mode depending on the volume of the pool. To maintain cleanliness in the pool, you just need to monitor the indicators on the panel. Please note: for the operation of the chlorine generator, a filter pump with a capacity of 2650 l / h is needed. The filter pump is purchased separately.
general information
A type
Accessory type
chlorine generator for water purification
Guarantee period
1 year
hoses, power wire, instruction
The weight
10.3 kg
2 weeks
from the network 220 V
The size
41x36x35 cm
Hose Diameter
38 mm
swimming pools up to 56800 l
Production of chlorine
12 gr / hour
Product Weight
10.3 kg
Information for the customer
OOO "Sundays point bye"
A country
Manufacturer Information
Intex Dervelopment Co Ltd 9 / F., Dah Sing Financial Center, 108 Glouceste Road, WanChai Hong Kong