24L Car Refrigerator 12V Mini Fridge Mini Refrigerator Mini Car Cooler and Warmer Cooler Refrigerator for Camping

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24 L car refrigerator 

  • ❆  Semiconductor Technology, environmental friendly and energy-saving; Cools down to 15-20°C below ambient temperature and keep your beverages, salads or sandwiches cool & ready to enjoy at any time anywhere
  • ❆ FOOD WARMER: heats up to 55-65°C, keep food inside warm up to 2-3.5 hours without removing the cover while power off, Keep Your Food Tasty and Toasty
  • ❆ 24L LARGE CAPACITY: with 24L/27Cans large capacity, keep food and drinks inside warm or cool as you like, Plenty of space to easily pack everyone's favorite foods
  • ❆ DC & AC POWER: Perfect for Family Road Trips or anyone who spends a lot of time driving that might gets hungry and thirsty on the road; rests on vehicle seat, tailgate, hatch or floor for easy access during travel; good for Both CAR/HOME/OFFICE Use
  • ❆ Easy LOCKING MECHANISM that keeps the lid tightly sealed, maintaining the internal temperature and protecting food from accidental spills; REMOVABLE LID, easy to clean;Built-in HEAT DISSIPATION Fans for longer lifespan; One Drink Bottle Resting Design on the lid,convenient to use