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30CM chassis integrated supplementary light lamp | White

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The lamp consists of a circular light ring, an arched bracket and a detachable tripod . The lamp housing is sturdy and neat , made of polycarbonate and ABS plastic. These are durable shockproof materials - many times stronger than conventional plastic.



The tripod consists of a folding leg 40 cm high and a stable round base with a diameter of 18 cm . The tripod material is metal . At the bottom of the base there is a foam cover, which makes the tripod more stable and non-slip .



The lamp is powered by USB with a voltage of 5 V and a current of 2 A. From the body comes a non-removable wire 1.9 m long with a USB connector. Its length is enough to connect the lamp to a power source and easily adjust the position of the backlight.



The diameter of the lamp is 26 cm . There are 96 bright LEDs along the perimeter of the ring . Thanks to this arrangement, optimal lighting is obtained without unwanted shadows. The light intensity is adjustable - you can create the perfect light for every occasion. The lamp has 3 color temperature modes from 3300 to 6000 Kelvin. There are 10 brightness levels for each mode .


Note: Thanks to the memory function, when the lamp is turned on again, the last setting will be automatically applied.



The backlight is controlled by a touch panel at the base of the bracket. There are only 3 buttons on the panel :
  • On / Off / Change Color Temperature Mode
  • Increase brightness
  • Decrease brightness


The lighting direction is easy to change. The lamp tilts back and forth in relation to the bracket by 270 ° .



The lamp comes with a smartphone holder that fits inside the ring. It provides the perfect combination of angle and lighting direction for phone shots. The holder is a  sliding clip on a long flexible leg . The clip is suitable  for smartphones with a width of 6-8.5 cm . It is connected to the leg with a hinge - the position of the smartphone can be adjusted. The hinge is secured with a nut. When not needed, the phone holder can be removed.