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4.5L+ spray 7m atomizer 110V/220V 4.5L Portable Electric ULV Fogger Machine Sprayer Disinfection

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110V/220V 4.5L Portable Electric ULV Fogger Machine Sprayer Hotels Disinfection Home Sterilizat Residence Office Industr

★ NOZZLE DESIGN - It's air-tight, non-corrosive and leak-proof with high-quality o-rings. And the even, adjustable spray is perfect for misting, soaking and all your needs and drains tank to the drop, leaving zero residual liquid.

★ COMFORTABLE AND EFFICIENT - Solid construction and comfortable grip are what makes it a keeper. The pump handle is ergonomic, the hose and spray reach hard to reach areas and the trigger lock wand makes spraying a breeze.

★ EASY FILLING - Funnel top opening allows for easy no-mess filling. Simply unscrew, fill up the bottle, and close the lid. Our sprayer can be used with water & non viscous water based or liquid soluble products.

★ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Practical compression sprayer for indoor and outdoor use. This sturdy sprayer is compatible with most commercial liquid fertilizers. NOT suitable for caustic or acidic (vinegar) solutions.

★ PRACTICAL SPRAYING WAND. Enjoy a better reach and work standing up straight with the help of the sprayer wand.


Model: Electric ULV Sprayer
Voltage: AC 110V ; 220V
Tank Capacity: 4.5L
Spray Distance: 5-10M
Color: Blue

Using Scope:
1, hotel, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, and family fumigation; Sterilization
2, hospitals, schools, theaters and other public places disinfection;
3, cars, trains

1. This sprayer is not allowed to spray or fill flammable, explosive, highly corrosive substances, such as alcohol, gasoline, benzene and high concentration disinfectant (the disinfectant must be diluted before use).
2. Please do not use the sprayer in the tightly closed room. The doors and windows can be closed after spraying to increase the application effect and protect human health.
3. It is forbidden to clean the sprayer with Tianna water or gasoline. When cleaning the exterior of the machine with water or other neutral detergents, care must be taken not to put water or neutral detergents into the motor casing.
4, after each use, the unused liquid must be poured out, pay attention not to pollute the environment. In addition, the medicine box is filled with water, and the spray is started for about 0.5-1 minutes to clean the machine pipes, to avoid the liquid from corroding the machine, and to increase the service life of the machine. This is very important and necessary.
5. It is forbidden to be placed in a high-temperature environment or under the sun for a long time, so as not to be roasted to deform, fade or crack.
6. It is forbidden to pull the power cord to pull off the plug and cut off the power. Use the rubber position of the plug to pull the plug by hand.

Package Included:
1 Electric ULV Sprayer