Bburago Diecast Model - Orange Lamborghini Avendtador Lp700-4 Car - 18-11033

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Size of the models: the scale indicates the size of the model car.
1:43 means 1cm model = 43cm in reality. A 1:43 scale model of a car that measures 4,80 meter in reality measures appr. 11 cm (4.3 inch). Scale 1:18 is already appr. 27 cm (10.4 inch).

material: most model cars are made of zinc diecasting with attaching parts of plastic.
Recently some models in resine have been released. This material gives the opportunity of lower lot sizes and therefore allows to get rare originals as models.

packaging: All models are new and mint in box.
scale 1:43 models are usually mounted on a plastic base plate and covered with an acrylic cover (declared as "delivery in acrylic show case"). Models without this declaration are mounted in a more simnple covering box (mostly board box with viewing window; blister box in some cases). .
1:18 and 1:24 scale models are regularly mounted on a solid base plate in a board box with viewing window.