Inflatable boat Challenger 3 Intex 68369

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Inflatable boat Challenger 3 Intex 68369

Inflatable 3-seater boat with a size of 295x137x43 cm . Withstands a load of up to 300 kg, comes complete with two inflatable pillows. 

To increase safety, the boat consists of three independent air chambers and an inflatable floor for comfort and resilience. The boat is made of special high-strength vinyl Super-Tough, which is resistant to the effects of gasoline, oils, salt water, as well as to mechanical damage.


  1. 3 air chambers.
  2. The thickness of the material is 0.50 mm.
  3. Special valves such as Boston for quick inflation and blowing.
  4. Rope around the perimeter of the boat.
  5. Inflatable floor I-Beam for greater comfort and stability.
  6. Rowers on each side and holders for the oars.
  7. 2 inflatable seats.
  8. Fasteners for transom.