Two Wheels Self Balance Intelligent Scooter With LED HL-A8 10inch-1

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Please read the instruction for use.

The driver of the weight limit :

Biggest weight limit: 100 kg

Minimum weight limit: 20 kg

The speed limit:

The maximum speed of intelligent drifting scooter for 10 km/hour.

Please follow the manual to drive it.

Detailed parameters of the battery:

The battery type:The lithium battery

Charging time:2-3 hours

Voltage:36 V

Initial capacity: 2-4 AH

Working temperature :-15℃-50

Charging temperature:0-40

Storage time (-20℃ and 25℃): 12 months

Storage relative humidity:5%-95%


Lithium battery is considered to be dangerous goods ,need to get the local low allows during transportation.