Kirisun Long Range Two-way Radios, Best Rechargeable Noise Cancelling Walky Talky PT-5200 -Black

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UAE Walkie-talkie license

FM Handheld Transceiver (two speakers,for horse racing)
Frequency Range: (1)136~174 (2)420~470 (3)400~450 (4)470~512 (5)350~390
Rf Power: 4W (H)/ 2W(M)/0.5W(L)
Spurious and Harmonics:≤-70dB
Frenquency Stability: ±2.5ppm
Maximum Frequency deviation: ±5kHz(w)/±3.5kHz(M)±2.2kHz(N)
Receiver Sensitivity: ≤0.3uV
Adjacent Channel Selectivity:≥70dB(W/M)65dB(N)
Intermodulation Reject Ratio:≥65dB
Maximum AF Output Power: ≥500mW
Number of Channels: 16
Battery: DC7.4V
Dimension: 56mm*102mm*29mm