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Protective clothing Disposable Hooded Coverall Unisex Isolation Gowns,Disposable Isolation Clothing

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Disposable Hoodted Coverall Isolate Suit Elastic Cuffs Anti-epidemic Antibacterial Dust-proof Cloth Unisex
Suitable for all body types
School disinfection,Community service ,Return to work and production,Inspection room protection
Applicable to general isolation of medical institutionsoutpatient, wards, examination rooms, taxi drivers, plant workers, returning personnel, etc
Hooded head and lastic design at the cap caneffectively blocks dust and microorganismsEffectively blocks dust and microorganisms
Elastic waist to make it more fit and meet different body wear designs
One-piece zipper, easy to put on and take off, simple and generous, and placket cover protection
Product Parameters

Product Name: Medical Disposable IsolationGown
Duration of use: non-sterile, one-time use
Product packaging: 1 piece / pack
Production date: see packaging
Scope of application:Used for general isolation in outpatients, wards, test rooms, etc.
Storage method: sealed, stored in a dry and clean place at room temperature

How to put on and take off the gown
The way of wear isolationgown:
(1) Dress from bottom to top
(2) Pull up the cuffs and arrange the cuffs
(3) Pull the zipper up to the top to adjust the seal of the hat

The way of take off isolationgown:
(1) Pull the zipper open
(2) Pull the hat upwards and backwards so that the head is off the hat and the sleeves are removed
(3) Unrolling from top to bottom
(4) Take off your clothes, put the contaminated side into the medical waste bag

Note:Due to the peculiarity of this product, for your hygiene and the health of others, you cannot arrange replacement and returnafter unpacking, please place order carefully.