Intex Big Rectangular Frame Pool, 549x274x132cm, Easy Set Outside Swimming Pool, for Friends Pool Party -28352

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Description Intex 28352 Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool

Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool prefabricated pool is easy and quick to install. The process of assembling the pool before filling with water takes 60 minutes. The special patented technology of SUPER-TOUGH provides the inflatable pools with a special strength - three layers of durable material: two external of super strength PVC, resistant to bumps, stretchings, erasures, sunlight, and one inner layer of polyester - to strengthen the walls of the pool. The walls of the pool are made of super strength triple vinyl with a total thickness of 0.71 mm.

Sand filter-pump 56686 Intex is designed for mechanical treatment of water in the pool. As a filtering element, specially sieved quartz sand (0.45-0.85 mm) is used. The filtering unit is equipped with a cylindrical filter (305 mm), a pump, a six-position switching valve, a pressure gauge to indicate the pressure in the system. Thus, you can always monitor the purity of water, saving yourself and your children from infections, which is almost impossible in open water.

The problem of draining the water is also solved thanks to a convenient drain valve that joins the garden hose. The ladder is easily and quickly installed, has a wide enough angle between the sides, so as not to touch the walls of the pool and easily climb into it. The ladder for swimming pools is made of metal. The stairs are made of durable plastic. The frame has special tips that protect the bottom of the pool from damage. The pool does not need special ground preparation, sand piling, etc. If you want, you can additionally install an electric water heater, which will ensure the heating of water for a comfortable use of the pool from April to October, significantly extending the life of the pool. Clean, sparkling under the rays of the sun, the water attracts the eye, calms, creates a good mood,

Features of the Intex 28352 Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool:

  • The kit includes: a sand pump for rough cleaning of 18 kg. for recirculation of water, bedding under the pool, awning cover for the pool, ladder for swimming pools, DVD with installation instructions;
  • size: 549x274x132 cm;
  • weight: 134 kg;
  • volume: 17203 liters (at 90% filling);
  • pump: sand pump;
  • Preparation time: 60 minutes.