Intex Universal Sand Filter Pump For Above Ground Pools 12000 L/H Cleaner -28652

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Intex 28652 sand filter pump is the best combination of a filtering device, cost optimization and pool water cleaning.

This device is suitable for above-ground pools that have a maximum capacity of 19.150 litres with a diameter of 488 cm and above. It has a flow capacity of 12000 litres per hour.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Flow capacity of the filter pump: 12.000 l/h (3,200 ghp)
  • Flow capacity within the pool: 9.200 l/h (2450 gph)

The filter is provided with a 6-function valve:

  • filtering
  • backwashing
  • rinsing
  • recirculating
  • emptying
  • stopping

Our Intex sand filter pump requires the use of quartz sand at the beginning which can be used for about 5 years before being replaced.

Type of sand to be used: ground quartz
Silicon content = 99%
Particle size = 0,4 - 0,8 mm

The sand is NOT included.

The sand filter is supplied with the following accessories:

  • Two 38mm tubes
  • 12h cycle timer
  • pressure meter
  • basket for leaves and debris
  • sand capacity: 55 kg (NOT INCLUDED)