Intex Outdoor Swimming Pool, 457X107cm, Round Frame Pool with Filter Pump (1,000gph) & Ladder -28734

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    63 Kg
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    6 Years
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    • Pool manufactured from a special PVC having a layer of fiberglass mesh and two PVC layers. This material is produced using advanced technology Super-Tough, significantly increases the strength. 
    • Frame pool produced from galvanized pipes durable, protected from rust and designed for a high load. 
    • Cartridge filter pump for circulating water purification capacity 1,000 gal or 3785 liters / hour, the cartridge - type A. 
    • Comfortable stairs. Its sturdy metal rack coated with high quality paint for long-term protection against rust. 
    • Conveniently the bottom is provided with a drain valve. To it possible to connect the hose, the discharging water to the desired location. 
    • The pool is also equipped with special bedding and tent-cover. Included in the package litter, protect the bottom. In addition, its porous material prevents the accumulation of water under the bottom of the pool. Tent effectively prevents water from pollution by garbage, dust and sunlight.