Intex Big Swimming Pool, 732х366х132cm, Prism Rectangular Frame Pool with Filter Pump, Above Ground Pool -28366

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Description Intex Ultra Frame Pool (28366)

The Ultra Frame pools are real flagships and are great for people of all ages. 
The rectangular shape of the pools often allows for more optimal use of the space in the yard, in contrast to the round basins. 
As well as an elongated rectangular shape and size up to 10 meters long like lovers of playing volleyball in the water, as well as lovers of swim. 
In combination with a large number of available accessories, Intex rectangular pools will be an excellent choice and an excellent solution for you and your loved ones. The pool frame is made of stainless steel, and the basin of the pool itself is made of three strong layers - two layers of dense vinyl and one of polyester. 
The main feature of the Intex Ultra Frame Pool (28366) is a simple and quick installation that does not take you much time and effort just before you need to choose a flat surface for installation.

Features of the Intex Ultra Frame Pool (28366):

  • shape: rectangular;
  • dimensions: 732х366х132 cm;
  • volume of the basin: 31,805 l;
  • pump capacity: 6,000 l / h;
  • build time: 60 minutes.

The pool includes:

  • sand filter-pump (productivity 6 m3 / h) and chlorine generator;
  • litter for the pool;
  • pool cover;
  • ladder for the pool;
  • a set for cleaning the pool (net, brush-vacuum cleaner, brush, telescopic tube, hose, bulb for garbage collection);
  • skimmer;
  • volleyball net;
  • manual;
  • DVD-ROM with instructions for installation.