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QX-3 flashlight diving flashlight waterproof scuba flashlight

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QX-3 flashlight diving flashlight waterproof scuba flashlight

diving flashlight waterproof scuba flashlight
The ocean floor is a whole new world compared to what we usually see on land. People who like diving often compare the underwater world to a completely different world. What's more, it can be incredibly beautiful and majestic. However, in order to enter this beautiful world, you must be well prepared or you will not be able to enjoy it. That's why professional divers train and invest in good equipment to prepare them for their underwater experience. In this case, when you plan to dive in deep water, one of the important items you need to have is this diving flashlight. On land, we have sunlight that allows us to see things around us. However, the thick seawater filters out the light, making it darker. That's why you need this flashlight so you can see under dark water.

Waterproof and effective
This is no ordinary flashlight as it is specially designed for diving. This is because of its strong water resistance and ability to work underwater. What's more, you can use this flashlight even under 20 meters of water. At that distance, you can expect it to be pretty dark already. What's more, diving in the dark can be dangerous because you don't know where you're swimming. Fortunately, this flashlight can work effectively even underwater. This is the heavy duty light you need to bring with you on your next dive. Not only that, but it's also durable enough to withstand shocks.

Bright LED and long lasting
This flashlight emits bright light so you can clearly see your surroundings in dark waters. Apart from that, this light is also very long lasting. You can trust it to work when you need it most.


Surface treatment: stainless steel head, high density engineering plastic body
Lens material: high quality thickened optical lens
Diving range: 60 meters
Battery: 18650 battery
Voltage: 3.7-4.2V
Product specification: 36 (head diameter) 27mm* (tail diameter) total length 123mm
Weight: 90g (without battery)
Switch: Rotary switch