Wooden Alarm Clocks Simple Green Square Tabletop Clock with LED Backlight -MX1299

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Wooden clock, back to the breath of nature - allowing you to reach

the product model: MX1299 flat rectangle

Product size: 150 * 45 * 70 mm

Packing size: 170 * 55* 90 mm

Material: MDF (high density fiberboard) + PVC surface

The gross weight, net weight: 191 g, 300 g

With display function: the time and temperature, three groups of alarm and voice control function


1. Adopt double power supply USB DC6V / 500 ma4 section 7 battery(Not included), built-in power supply, maintain power failure as well
Night will automatically unlock the function of light, the brightness of the screen will not dazzling because of the darkness.


1. The wood model and see the breath of nature into the bedroom and coherence in writing, the LED digital display, open the switch, the gentle LED lights, will be displayed on the smooth surface of the wood, even in the night also can see a clear time

2.Choose three groups of alarm Settings allow you to have one more private secretary, let you from hectic life

3.After the alarm clock to open, the world love you, date, temperature by these three functions automatically into the state, let you can understand the information they need to (when do not need them by, can choose to shut down this function)