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The electric iron disinfects the sprayer Small Portable Disinfection and Sterilization Smoke Machine

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The electric iron disinfects the sprayer Small Portable Disinfection and Sterilization Smoke Machine



Photocatalyst nano atomization disinfection gun Tips for use: red light heating, green light use. The user must not leave while the product is powered on. The product can only be used Do not use this product when there is no liquid in the water tank with a grounded socket. After each use, remove the water tank when you stop using it, and continue to heat it up Turn off the power after about 10 seconds until there is no steam. Do not use corrosive liquids, empty the water tank after use. Warning: This product is only suitable for photocatalyst oily disinfectant, such as spray The occurrence of dripping water during fogging is a disqualification of the nature or quality of the disinfectant. Suitable for disinfection of homes, automobiles, streets, gardens, schools, hospitals, office buildings and other places


Product name: Photocatalyst Nano Atomization Disinfection Gun

Product model: YS-301

Rated voltage: 220v

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Rated power: 1200W

Packing size: 22.3 * 15 * 26.3cm

Weight: 1.1Kg



· Electric models

1. Please do not pull the plug with wet hands to avoid the risk of electric shock
2. Please turn off the switch immediately after using the liquid, to avoid the heater burning for a long time
3. Please do not use corrosive disinfectant to avoid corrosion of the pipeline and cause blockage
4. The power cord must not be scratched, damaged, excessively bent, pulled, twisted, or knotted,
Do not put on heavy objects or clamp or process, otherwise, it may cause electric shock, short circuit and fire
5. Do not let children operate the machine
6. When the power cord is damaged, the professionals of the manufacturer and distributor must use the same specifications
Power cord replacement, please do not replace it without permission
7. When not in use for a long time, please cut off the power and unplug
8. This equipment specifies the special Chaowei power atomizing disinfectant, use other atomizing disinfectant
No responsibility for any problems



1. Add 100ml disinfectant, do not add corrosive disinfectant
2. After inserting the power cord plug of this product into the rated socket, press the switch key and wait for 3 seconds to turn on
After waiting for the machine to warm up for 40 seconds, when the green indicator light is on, the spray gun can start
Eject nano steam
3. Spray the generated steam to various positions in the carriage. (It is not recommended to go inside the air outlet for a long time
(Injection avoids water vapor causing short circuit in the car)
4 disinfection is completed in about 10 minutes, please turn off the switch immediately after using the liquid to avoid
Long-term dry burning of the heater damages the machine
5. Use a dry towel to wipe off the residual moisture of the atomization to complete the disinfection operation