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Intex Round Metal Frame Pool 549X122cm Big Swimming Pool for Party Easy Set Outside Swimming Pool -56952

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The Intex 56952 frame pool is designed by Intex for the rest of your family on the water, away from the natural water body. Intex Metal Frame Pool 56952 is a fairly popular large pool for the whole family. You can also invite your friends to relax in it.
For greater strength, the Intex 56952 pool walls are made of three separate layers - two layers of dense vinyl and one of polyester. The permanent shape of the pool is provided by a strong metal frame. The strength of the Intex Metal Frame Pool is determined by its steel frame of increased cross-section, much stronger than the traditional one, due to which the pool can withstand heavy loads. The frame has special tips that protect the bottom of the pool from damage. The frame is made of steel galvanized pipes, resistant to rust.
Support for the shape of the Metal Frame Pool is facilitated by a polypropylene tape that surrounds the entire pool and pulls the vertical pillars of the pool. Racks of the pool should be tucked under this tape, as pictured in the pictures.
For access to the pool and exit from it, a very comfortable and sturdy staircase is provided, the frame of which is made of metal. The stairs are made of durable plastic. It is easy and quick to install, has a wide enough angle between the sides, so as not to touch the walls of the pool and easily climb into it.
An important factor is the water change in the pool. You do not have to change the water in the pool during the whole summer season, as the Intex 56952 includes a pump with a filter - it's a complete cleaning of the water from dirt with a capacity of 3758 liters per hour. Thus, you can always monitor the purity of water, saving yourself and your children from infections, which is almost impossible in open water.
The problem of draining the water is also solved thanks to a convenient drain valve that joins the garden hose. Thus, the water can be drained to any convenient place or, for example, to water the garden.
Also included is a tent-pouch for the pool, which allows you to reduce the evaporation of water and protect the pool water from contamination. In addition, at its discretion, you can add fragrances to the inflatable pools, and children can play with toys without fear of losing them or drowning them.
If you want, you can additionally install an electric water heater, which will ensure the heating of water for a comfortable use of the pool from April to October, significantly extending the life of the pool.
More complete information you can get by viewing the disc that is attached to the pool. Подробнее: https://intex-best.com.ua/p1821714-karkasnyj-bassejn-intex.html