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Tricky toys Whipped Cream Snoot Party Game Pie Face

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Tricky toys

Put a lot of whipped cream on the purple hand of the Pie Face board game and then place your face through the card. As the tension rises, it's thumbs and hope you're not the one who gets the cream in his face!


A fun and funny party game for everyone!

Are you looking for a fun party game where you can spend hours of fun with? A very nice gift? Or do you have a can of whipped cream and do not know what you can do with it? Then Pie Face !: The Whipped Snoot Party Game is for you!

Because with the Pie Face! Party game you can throw whipped cream into each other's face! This game is suitable for 5 years and older, but it is also a very nice game to play for parents with their children or for grandparents with their grandchildren. This game can be played with two or more players. It contains a cardboard board with a mask to put your face through, a mechanism to throw whipped cream and a matching wheel. The part you can throw with contains a plastic hand for the whipped cream. Children find this unparalleled funny.

How to play Pie Face !: The Whipped Snoot Party Game?

You spray a lot of whipped cream on the plastic hand. Each player then turns his face through the cardboard mask. While another player is running at the Pie Face Wheel. The number that is designated determines how often the first player has to turn the levers. But be careful! Because every twist on the levers can ensure that you are pelted with whipped cream! And that's how you get a real "Pie Face"!


Pie Face !: The Whipped Cream Party Game is reminiscent of whipped cream cakes but then on a small size. It does not become a big mess in the house. The Pie Face board game is a very nice game, very suitable to laugh with!


Cream pie face permainan seru sangat cocok di mainkan seluruh anggota keluarga atau bersama dengan teman teman, satu set CREAM PIE FACE GAME ber sisi : 
1pcs pie thrower
1pcs throwing arm
2pcs handles
1pcs splash card mask
1pcs chin rest
1pcs spinner
1pcs love sponge
bahan material plastik bagus, kokoh dan halus, di kemas dalam box ber ukuran 27X27X8cm,