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Wintouch K72 Plus Tablet 7 Inch 16 Gb Kinder Tablet Kids Tablet Wifi Bluetooth

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Wintouch K72 Plus Tablet 7 Inch  16 Gb Kinder Tablet Kids Tablet Wifi Bluetooth

WINTOUCH K72 PLUS Tablet 7 inch 16 GB Children's tablet kids tablet Wifi Bluetooth

Product Description
Prevent your little one from falling behind in this digital age with this comprehensive kids tablet! Wintouch Kids Tablet is the most popular children's tablet that gives your little one the opportunity to learn many new things in a child-safe environment! As a parent, you determine everything they can and cannot do and how long your little one can use the tablet.

This 7 ”inch tablet for children from 3 years is very advanced and, unlike most children's tablets, has a very fast Quad-core processor, a dual camera (front and rear camera) and an extra large battery so that children 4- Watch movies and / or play 6 hours in a row with a full battery.


✅ Most Advanced Kids Tablet - 2021 Kids Tablets
✅ Specially developed for children
✅ Learn, play, watch movies, listen to music ...
✅ Internet, YouTube, Netflix, email ...
✅ With extensive educational applications for children
✅ Video calling, taking photos & selfies
✅ A tablet for the whole family
✅ With dual camera - Front and rear camera
✅ Incl. protective cover & screen protector
✅ Protected against scratches
✅ Shock & shock resistant
✅ Well protected against damage in the event of a fall
✅ With speakers & 3.5 mm audio jack (standard)
✅ Spacious storage space: 16GB (expandable to max. 116GB)
✅ Large battery capacity - 2500mAh
✅ USB rechargeable
✅ Competitively priced
✅ Easy to connect with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0
✅ Easy to use
✅ User-friendly parental controls
✅ Child Safe - iWawa software
✅ Fast Quad-core processor

Highly advanced tablet for children - 2021 children's tablets

The SSA tablet is a very advanced children's computer. Equipped with Android 9.0 (Google operating system), you can get small access to countless educational applications and surf the Internet, YouTube, watch movies, video calling, etc. easily and safely. You decide what your little one can and cannot do! The tablet has a fast 64-bit Quad-core processor of 1.5 GHz, ideal for gaming and watching movies.

A tablet for the whole family
This tablet has a kids mode so kids can surf, learn and play in a safe environment, but parents can access adult content. Anyone can use this tablet to surf the internet, watch movies, play games, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Safe for kids & with easy to use parental controls
This android kids tablet offers user-friendly parental controls. As a parent you can keep an eye on the use of the tablet at any time. You don't have to worry about inappropriate content on the internet, using the kids mode, kids can surf, learn and play safely. Thanks to iWawa, parents can control what children can access, which contacts they can call and even set time limits.

With dual camera & eye protection
This tablet is equipped with a dual camera, or a front and rear camera. You and your little one can take pictures and make video calls with friends. Of course you decide which contacts your little one will see. Use the eye protection if you spend small hours behind the tablet and in the evening so that your little one falls asleep easily.

Long battery life
The tablet has an excellent battery capacity of no less than 2800 mAh. Watch movies continuously for up to 3-5 hours without recharging the battery. This is ideal to prevent children from using the power outlets to charge the tablet. You can also use a power bank to avoid outlets.

Learning through play
The tablet is equipped with many educational applications. These apps have been specially developed for children to learn in a playful way. Ideal for learning the alphabet, learning to count and even learning to type.

Ample storage space
This learning computer has 16 GB of internal storage space. If at any point you find this too little, you can expand the storage space to a maximum of 116 GB thanks to a microSD memory slot.

Tablet with protective cover & screen protector - Shock and shock resistant
The Cammy kids tablet comes with a durable and environmentally friendly silicone protective cover and screen protector. This means the tablet is optimally protected against scratches, bumps and shocks, and against damage in the event of a fall.

Is there something wrong with your order? we are happy to help you!
This tablet has been specially developed for children from 3 to 8 years old. It is in our interest that children and parents are satisfied with our product! If you experience problems with your order, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you! ;)

Specifications Wintouch children's tablet:

Model Number: K72 Plus
Touchscreen tablet
Screen size: 7 '' HD screen
Dual camera: Front: 0.3 MP Back: 2.0 MP
Operating System: Android 9.0