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CRONY BK-18 Bukhoor Mini Oud Incense Bukhoor Burner Rechargeable Dukhoon Electric Portable Incense Burner

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CRONY BK-18 Bukhoor Mini Oud Incense Bukhoor Burner Rechargeable

The product is a stylish and high quality portable incense burner Chips are ​placed inside a ceramic chamber with a heating
element that heats up to the same ​temperature as charcoal (400-450°C)Because the heating element does not ​use a lame,the Smoke
keeps it original high-quality scent. Making the incense ​burner faster and easier to use than the tranditional methods, while
keeping the ​traditional high-quality-smoke of incesnse.
Refreshing all the way!!
Say goodbye to odors in the car

The Arabic USB Mini Car Incense Bakhoor Burner is new generation electric bakhoor burner which is suitable for all kinds of bakhoor
The burner burns for 1-2 minutes when activated by pressing on the button and will automatically will turn off when coil is heated enough.

Regularly, it spreads its aroma through burning a piece of charcoal or any other lighting tool; and despite the potential danger it carries, the incense is essential in every occasion
Moreover, it gives a scent of luxury every time, along with all the memories it brings back while igniting
Incense Burner Aromatherapy Ignition is a new invention of its kind that ignites incense by its ceramic-made heating element
It can heat the incense at the same temperature as charcoal
Easy to use. Small and exquisite
Long service life
Specially developed for in-car humidification
High quality material, beautiful appearance, it is not only an electric bakhoor, but also a beautiful decoration for you car
New technology is more convenient
No hopper is needed. Solid spices can be added directly
It’s a perfect gift for your family and friends as well as a necessity for your life

Content of the box
Product-Micro USB cable-Tweezer-Brush ​Device parts: ​
1.outlet ​
2.Air inlet ​3.Indication light ​
4.Micro USB charger ​5.0n/off
switch ​
6.Incense chamber

Portable Mini Car Aroma Diffuser Bakhoor Incense Burner Electronic Aroma Diffuser Household Incense Burner, Home Decorations