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CRONY M10 8GB Digital Koran Reading Pens Holy Quran Word-by-Word Function for Kids Ramadan Celebration

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Quran reading pen, Allows you to listen to the Quran with the voice of multiple readers of your choice.

Read and listen in the same time. How it works?.

When you point the pen to a verse in the Quran it reads the full verse, and when you point it to a page number it reads the whole page, and when pointing it to the Sura’s tittle it reads the whole Sura.

Multiple readers to choose from, voice control, volume control and comes with a headset.
You can use the USB connection to download the audio material you want, and you can also use the pen as a storing device.

  • Audio translations (English, Urdu, French) . - Readers' Choice (Abdul Basit, Al Minshawi, Al afasy) .
  • You can also get 14 readers by adding external memory pen

Interpretation of the Quran (voice of Jalalain Arabic interpretation and sound interpretation of Al Saharawi)

  • Vocabularies meanings
  • Tajweed.
  • Reads the Quran in more than one way not limited to Hafs only, there is a reading Qaaloon, Shoaba, Soussi and Doury
  • Causes of nozol.
  • The possibility of recording sound repetition (an excellent system for memorizing the Quran) .
  • The possibility of hearing the sura continuously without interruption .
  • Works on electricity charging .
  • Very clear and high voice.
  • The possibility of volume control (speed and level)
  • Nasheeds.
  • Various Doaa

Comes with:

  • Al qaeda Al Nouranya
  • Sahih Bukhari
  • Sahih Muslim
  • Talking dictionary (24 languages)