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Crony 5D hologram Led fan with APP Advertising LED display Holographic Imaging Naked Eye AD Fan

Crony 5D hologram Led fan with APP Advertising LED display Holographic Imaging Naked Eye AD Fan

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Smartphone APP remote control:

  • Smart phone APP control, easy to upload video to display, adjust machine parameters as you will
    5D Display Video or image: 
    Settled a variety of example material like shoes, birds etc
    You can customize the exclusive and special video as you need (For any technical issues, you can contact customer service) 
    Supporting file formats: 
    Suitable for varies kind of occasions: 
    Exhibition, supermarket, cinema, bar, hotel, restaurant, banquet, shopping mall, stores, company hall, subways, banks, airports and so on. 

    How to use: 
    1.Settle fan
    2.Download files (image or video) to TF card
    3.Insert TF card on fan
    4.Enter ON/OFF to use it OR use App to control

    Do not touch the fan when it is running, please turn off the fan when you try to replace or test some accessories. 
    Never use hand or body to stop it, especially keep it far away from kids, suggested it installed above at least 7 feet and firmly fastened

    Name: 3D Hologram Display
    Resolution: 450*224PX
    LED Quantity: 224pcs
    Input Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
    Lamp Lifetime: 18000 Hours
    Weight: 1500g
  • Instructions for use in Chinese

    How to use: 
  • 01.Please use your Android phone to download and install the FAN DISPLAY software, or you can directly search and download it in the Google Market, or download the 5 compressed files below, decompress them with RAR, and then transfer them to your phone for installation.
  • 01, 02030405
  • 02. Open the data connection of the Android phone, set the phone's WIFI hotspot, the WIFI hotspot name is: fsp and the password is: fsp123456
  • 03.After the device is powered on, after the display, check the hotspot of the mobile phone to see if the device is connected. If the connection is not displayed, wait a while until it is connected
  • 04.Then use the mobile phone with the current hotspot to open the fan screen app, click the stand-alone version to enter (note: the mobile hotspot and the APP must be the same mobile phone), and then click to search for nearby devices
  • 05.Click the connected fan device icon, click the plus icon + to add your mobile phone multimedia files.
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