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CRONY S-180P Attendance Machine Electronic Employee Starter Time Clock

CRONY S-180P Attendance Machine Electronic Employee Starter Time Clock

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 CRONY S-180P  Attendance Machine Electronic Employee Starter Time Clock Punch Pak Recorder Attendance Time Card Machine


 Color tape for S-180P Attendance Machine 

Feature of S-180P time clock  25 AED

1. Two-color printing
2. Musical alarm
3. Auto column setting
4. 36 groups available
5. Internal music, External bell socket*optional
6. 9 Dot-matrix printing technology
7. Auto detection of correct time card side/Positive and negative identification
8. 6 Columns IN/OUT print available
9. Six recorders per day
10. Setting day line change time
11. Setting day light saving time
12. Built-in perpetual calendar
13. Built-in backup battery in case of power failure
14. Black/ red printing
15. Automatic shift
16. Print  auto-turning
17. Touch keys
18. Multi-function for different working hours of attendance records
19.Anti-thunder functional design
20. Support Monthly, Weekly, Bi-weekly cards


Product Introduction
1. Large CLOCK shows time and small LCD display shows time, date and weekday
2. Two colors by dot matrix 9 pin printing to show date and time
4. Perpetual calendar automatically adjusts for short months and leap year
5. Back-up battery ensures operation during power failure
6. Lithium battery retains program data during power failure up to 3 years
7. 500000 working life
8. Sensor with cover
9. Double color backlight digital ( yellow/ white)

Working power source:100V-240V/50HZ-60Hz
Working ampere: 0.19Amp
Working temperature:0~40℃
Working humidity: 10%-80%
Measure of machine:19.6*12.2*22.7cm (L*W*H)
Weight of machine: 2.0kg
Size of color box: 24.5*29.3*20.6cm

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