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CRONY AZ-2325 AZ-2325A Islamic Prayer Times Clock Digital LED Slim LED Clock Auto Azan Clock for Muslim

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Warranty: 2 months

AZ-2325 with attractive features and using an adapter suitable for use at home, prayer rooms or mosques, this clock emits a loud sound。

Other features,if the power goes out, the time will automatically save the previous one so you don't。need tore。 

There is also a Power Save Mode feature so that if it is night time, the prayer time will automatically be off or it can also be that only prayer times are off while the clock remains on。 

Another feature is the clock that can be set to 12/24 making it easier to see the time of the morning, afternoon or evening, not AM / PM is displayed。 

This clock is also equipped with an iqamah time counter which is accompanied by an iqamah sound, if the counter down time has run out。 

This is very accurate in terms of determining prayer times, you only need to set it once, then the prayer time will automatically change itself. Unlike other adhan hours, if it is not set for a long time, the prayer time will be much different。 

Power:110V-220V / 50HZ

- Size:23 cm x 22 cm 
- Type:AZ-2325

-Adapter input 110-220 volts
- Feature Guide

- Automatic calculation of Hijri date, it is possible to adjust it
- Display Hijri month name and day of the week
- Automatic and manual switching of daylight mode
- Show five prayer time and sunrise time
- Every prayer and iqama time sounds and visible alarms.
- Iqama is set to two different modes (relative and fixed)
- Display iqama time (remaining time is iqama), can
Set this time separately for each prayer
- Display temperature (range 0~40 C)
- Power saving mode (from isha to fajr)
- Enable/disable button tones