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Quran Reading Pens with LCD, Islamic Muslin Quran for Kids -M11

Quran Reading Pens with LCD, Islamic Muslin Quran for Kids -M11

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Product Description

A new model of Quran pen with 2.4 inch color screen, it can be used as read pen with all books and also as Quran MP5 to use without books when need. User can add/remove reciter/translation afar downloading mp9 files from our website.

Al Quran ul Kareem

Full Quran recitation in voices up to 40 Reciters

Quran in Word by Word recording with Tajweed display

Quran text in 6 special designed fonts, all synchronized with Audio

Quran audio translations up to 30 languages, Quran display translations in 35 languages, Surah/Ayah repeat function, Book marking

Hifz ul Quran

Helps to memorize Quran with its page repeat function.

User can select page from 1-604 and easily memorize it.

Prayer time, Qibla direction

Prayer time and Qibla direction for 10,000 cities around the world

Prayer time updates daily with date change

Islamic Audio books

Three Islamic books available with audio can use with books and direct from pen. (Sahih Al Bukhari, Sahih Al Muslim, Riyadh us Saliheen)

 Islamic Library

Collection of famous Tafaseer and Hadith books in Arabic, English

and Urdu, Tafaseer books 10, Hadith books 40

Easy Navigation to Chapter, Bab and Hadith, Multiple font options

Qaida Noorania

Easy Quran learning from beginner to expert level

Full course divided in 17 chapters with repeat function

Big font display with Audio

Hisnul Muslim/ Atkhar / Hajj Umrah guide

A good collection of doaas for daily life and special Muslim events

Asma ul Husna 

99 names of Allah with beautiful display and audio for each name

Zakat Calculator

Talking Dictionary

Travelers’ guide to learn daily use words in many languages

English, Arabic and some language also display on screen

Video player, pictures, Audio Recorder, MP3 Player, Games

Calendar, Map, EBook etc

Settings, Language, time, restore setting etc


List of Reciters: Word by Word, Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, Abdul Basit Abdul Samad(Mujawid),Abdul Rehman Al-Hudaify, Abdul Rehman Assudais, Abdullah Awad al-Juhani, Abdullah Basfar, Abdullah Matrood, Abu Bakr Al Shatry, Ahmed Al-Ajmi, Abdul Rasheed Sufi, Akram Al Alqaimy, Hani Ar Rifae, Ibrahim Al Akhdar, Idrees Abkar, Khalifa Al Tunaiji, Karim Mansoori, Maher Al-Muaiqly, Mahmood Khalil Al Hussary, Mishary bin Rashid Al-Efasy, Mohammad Al Tablaway,Mohammad Ayyoub, Mohammad Siddique Minshawi, Mohammad Siddique Minshawi with Children, Mahmud Ali Al Banna, Muhammad Jebril, Qari Barkatullah Saleem, Saad Al-Ghamdi, Salah Al Budair, Salah bin Abdul Rahman Bukhatir, Saood ash Shuraym, Sadaqat Ali, Shaikh Imad Hafiz, Shaikh Khalid al-Muhanna, Saleh Ahmed Saleh, Yaser Salamah

List of Translations(Audio):Azerbaijani, Bosnia, Dari, Bangla, English, French, German,Gujarati, Hindi, Indonesian, Kurdish, Kazakh, Malayalam, Malaysian, Pashto, Persian, Portuguese,Russian, Somali, Swahili, Spanish, Tamil, Tatarsha, Turkish, Urdu, Uzbek, Tafseer Jalalain                                          

List of Translations(Text): Albanian, Azerbaijani, Bangla, Bosnian, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Czech,Dutch, English, Farsi(Persian), Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Hausa(Xhosa), Indonesian, Italian,Malayalam, Malaysian, Maranao, Mexican(Mixe), Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian,Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Tatar, Urdu, Uzbek                                               



Hardware Specs

Speaker 1W/8Ω

TFT LCD 2.4inch

USB Jack

Earphone Jack

Voice Recording

MP3 Player

TF Card Support

External battery

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