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COD is limited to over 30 dirhams and our COD(Cash on Delivery) service area only support Dubai,United Arab emirates (UAE), COD does not support India, Asia, Europe, Gulf
Note : KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman User Please ask our assistance about choosing of product, before placing order, because of restriction in the custom.
Please check the item in front of the courier to confirm delivery.






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MOB: +971 52 208 1467

E-mail: cronycrony.group@gmail.com

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Chen : +971 52 797 0977  +971 52 316 0226

Shop Add: FD-27 Dragon Mart2,Dubai- U.A.E.


If there is a problem after the product has been used for a period of time, please check whether it is within the warranty period. If it is within the warranty period, we will not charge maintenance fees. If it exceeds the warranty period, you will need to pay the fee. The corresponding maintenance fee requires our engineers. After inspection, a repair quotation is given.

We will not come to the door for repairs. Please send us the defective products by express. The contact information of the express company can be consulted with our customer service. After the product is repaired, the express fee incurred by the product should be paid by the customer himself, thank you!


Bank Details

Bank Name: RAK BANK


Account Name:  Fujian Futurestar Electronic Trading FZCO

License NO: 1004

IBAN:  AE540400000088381461061

Swift Code : NRAKAEAK

Account Number: 0088381461061

Tax Registration Num. 100357704400003


 Riding scooters precautions.

1. riders should be at least 14 years old
2. wear a helmet;
3. wear fluorescent clothing
4. obey traffic rules
5. Do not carry any material that may affect the balance of the electric bicycle
6. Do not go on highway roads
7. Do not interfere with other vehicles or public traffic

About warranty

Please try to buy online through our website, so that it is convenient to deal with your product after-sales problems, we do not need your invoice as evidence (easy to lose), if you buy online, you can directly report your cell phone number or order number to solve the problem (please fill in your cell phone number when you register your account).

First of all, thank you for purchasing our products. Each product has a different warranty range and warranty time. Before you buy the product, please contact our customer service staff to understand.

1. The maintenance call on our website is only suitable for products purchased on our website edragonmall.com or 1/F, Block C, Souq (Next to Crony Fitness), International City Warsan2, Dubai.

2. Please make sure whether the product you purchased is still within the warranty period. Different products have different warranty scope and warranty time.

3. Please provide your proof of purchase, which is your order number, phone number, name, address and other information, as long as your purchase information matches our sales background data, if it is within the warranty date and range, we will definitely give You provide after-sales services without any shirk of responsibility.

4. If you buy CRONY products on other websites or physical stores, our website will not provide you with warranty services, sorry!

We have a CRONY brand, but we have a lot of stores selling products of this brand, and each of our stores independently calculates operating costs, so you buy in which store, you should ask this store for help You deal with after-sales issues, and the shop name is marked on your invoice.  No relationship with any retail shop.

Our website has our after-sales service phone number at the bottom of the website, please feel free to contact us, thank you!


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How do you process the orders?

Once the order is placed online, we will verify the information to make sure the shipping information is valid. The process may take 12hrs - 2days. After that, the orders will be packed and sent to its destination.

During this process, we will be sending an email to the customers informing the orders are on its way with the tracking number on it.

If an information is incomplete or inaccurate, we will be sending an email to the customers to update the information with us. If we don’t receive any reply for more than 3 tries, the order that was placed will be cancelled.

How do I cancel my order?

You may cancel an order by sending us an email at cronycrony.group@gmail.com A request must be sent within 12hrs after placing the order on our website.

What if I typed in the wrong information?

You may also send us an email at cronycrony.group@gmail.com to update and correct your information. A request must be sent within 12hrs after placing the order on our website.

What payment method do you accept?

We accept payments via Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Apple Pay and American express.

How secure is my payment information?

We are using Shopify Ecommerce platform that has SSL certificate. All payment information are encrypted and secured.


How long is the shipping?

If you are in the surrounding areas of Dubai, you will receive the courier within 1-3 days. If you do not receive the courier within this time, please feel free to contact us, thank you!

This will depend on the country destination. Some may take 5 days - 3 weeks. Items equipped with lithium-ion may take 15 days longer than the normal shipping way to the destination country.

Fast shipping items may only take 2-4 days in USA and 4-10 days to other destination countries.

How much is shipping fee?

The shipping cost will vary to the weight of the overall product inside the package.Tax and other miscellaneous is shouldered by the buyer.

I ordered 2 (or more items) but I have only received one?

The orders may be sent separately so you should not worry. The other package may be still on its way.

Will I have a tracking number?

Yes. once the order and shipping information is verified, the orders will undergo shipment process and we will email you an update with your tracking information on it. This may happen 1-2 days after placing your order.

I have not received an order confirmation?

Often times, it is because the email that was sent to us is mistyped. You can correct it by sending us a request atcronycrony.group@gmail.com. On normal circumstances, we usually send two emails for every order made. One email to confirm the success in placing your order and another to let you know that your package is on its way with the tracking number on it.

Q:I plan to buy an electric scooter in Al Quoz, Dubai to commute between my home and office. However, I have read about the police confiscating these scooters. What is the legality of electric scooters in Dubai?

Answer:According to your question, it is worth noting that in October 2020, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that residents are allowed to use electric scooters in designated areas.

Article 4 of the Electric Scooter Law sets out the mandatory technical requirements that electric scooters must have. These include lights, warning and sound devices mounted on the driving handle of the electric scooter; an appropriate braking system; tires that should be roadworthy; Global Positioning System (GPS) installation; and the design of the electric scooter should comply with the requirements and guidelines of the RTA.

Section 5 of the Electric Scooter Act sets out the obligations of riders: riders should be at least 14 years of age; wear a helmet; park or stop electric scooters in designated parking areas; do not use or leave electric scooters in public places so as not to impede other vehicles or public traffic; maintain a distance between other vehicles and pedestrians on the road; and never hold or carry any material that may affect the balance of the electric scooter.

In addition, Article 5 of the Electric Scooter Law clearly states that electric scooters shall not be ridden on non-designated routes.
According to the above mentioned Article 5 of the Electric Scooter Law, you can ride an electric scooter from your home to your office if your travel route is within a designated area approved by the RTA.

Under the UAE traffic laws, if you ride an electric scooter in a non-designated area, you may be penalized or imprisoned.

About the speed of the scooter
1. The test speed of the scooter
The speed indication of the scooter is the speed of the scooter when the scooter is suspended and there is no one on the scooter. This test is basically the test standard in this industry.

2. Why is such a test performed?
If it is not tested in this state, there is no uniform standard, because the speed of the scooter has a great relationship with the weight of the person, road conditions, familiarity with driving...etc., such as: a 30 The difference between a kilogram and a 100kg person is very big; the cement road downhill road and the gravel uphill road are very different.

3. What is the difference between the test speed and the GPS speed?
Under normal circumstances, the marked speed of the scooter is 40 kilometers. If a 70 kg person rides, the GPS test speed may be around 25-35 kilometers.

4. How to meet your expectations
If you have time, please click the navigation bar at the bottom of our homepage and navigate to our company's store. Our store will provide you with samples of scooters for testing. You can truly feel all the data and your expectations. Matching does not match, we hope that customers have experience with real riding, including scratching and turning on your GPS for speed tests, we hope that customers' shopping is happy, if you are not satisfied with the riding effect of the scooter, no relationship, please do not buy, we appreciate your trust and support to us, thank you!


About free shipping
As long as your order exceeds 100AED, we provide free shipping within Dubai, but except for other places in Dubai, you need to pay shipping costs. We will try to reduce shipping costs as much as possible. Please contact customer service, thank you!

Am I eligible to get refund?

Yes if:

1. You have received the wrong item.

2. The item you received is defective.

3. The item is damaged upon arrival.

4. The item does not look or work as was advertised on our website.

5. The item didn’t arrive 10 days after expected arrival time or considered lost.

How long can the refund be processed?

Returns usually take 1-5 weeks to be processed. On some cases, delays in delivery may occur. Only when we have received the item shall the inspection can proceed. Refunds will be paid through the original type of payment when the purchase was made and may be processed within a certain amount of days. For credit/debit card users, the posting may appear on your next billing cycle, depending on your bank’s policies. If you haven’t seen the refund after the promised processing time, please do contact your bank first.

How do i request for exchange/refund?

Send us an email to cronycrony.group@gmail.com .

For damaged/defective items, please do attach at least 2 screenshots of the item indicating the damaged part or describing its defect.

Items must be returned to us in its original packaging, unused and in the same condition.

when it arrived.

Please also include the actual receipt of the order as proof of purchase.

Once we have received your item and inspection is done, we will immediately send you a notification regarding the approval of your request (item replacement or refund).

Am I eligible for returns?

If you are not satisfied with the product, you are eligible to return the package 7 calendar days after the product was delivered.

We hope to build trust and long-term relationship with our customers so we aim to provide excellent service quality and fair compensation available to resolve your problems.

  • Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.

Do I pay the return shipping cost?

All shipping fees when returning a product is covered by the buyer.

What are the issues that cannot be compensated with refund?

1. If a dispute is made beyond 7 calendar days after receiving the item or it has been beyond 7 days beyond the promised time of arrival.

2. If the buyer refuses to send back the item(s), given that these items are need of inspection to be considered as having factory defect or if the buyer is not satisfied with it.

3. If the buyer cannot provide a valid return tracking number.

Customer Services: +971 52 208 1467

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  • Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.

We are committed to the safest payment for you !