CRONY M365 scooter product APP download

Thank you for purchasing M365 scooter products!

Under normal circumstances, there will be an APP product QR code on the top of the manual or on the outer packaging. Please scan the QR code to download the corresponding APP program. If you can't find the APP QR code, please refer to the QR code below. download.

When using the APP, please turn on the Bluetooth and GPS functions of your mobile phone, thank you!

 There are several different manufacturers of M365 scooters, and each corresponding APP is different. If you are not sure which one? Or if you lose the manual and packaging, please scan the QR code below to download the APP for testing until it is correctly connected to your scooter product, thank you!



Android system


IOS  system 






 Android system


 IOS  system 





 Android system & IOS 


 crony scooter app download