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CRONY PT-C301 BG Vehicle Heat and Cold Car cup holder cooling & warming auto cup | Golden

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Second, the product description
1. The functions of this car cooling and warming cup are as follows: 1. Refrigeration function, at the ambient temperature of 25 °C, the bottom surface of the fast cooling function of the idle 10 minutes reaches minus 6 degrees; 2. The heating function is at 25 °C at ambient temperature. It can reach 60±5°C in 10 minutes without load.
2. The power supply mode of this product is: DC 12V input
3. Product dimensions: L100mm*W100mm*H160mm;
4. Size of the color box: L105*W105*H170mm;
5. Outer box size: L440*W320*H360mm;


Technical Parameters
Item No. Test item / Description Standard
Machine 1 power input voltage DC 12V 3A
2 cooling function, the ambient temperature is 25 degrees

1. Press the cooling button, the cup begins to cool;
2, the surface temperature of the cup is reduced to minus 6 ° C for 10 minutes under no load;
3, the load of 15 minutes to experience the ice water effect;
4, load 30 minutes to experience the refrigerator effect;
Heating function, ambient temperature 25 degrees 1, press the heating button, the cup begins to heat;
2. In the case of heating, press the heating button again to shut down;
3 power 36W (after 5 minutes of power on)
4 noise, abnormal sound requirements
(Environmental noise <38 ≤ dB) Decibel value ≤48dB from the top of the product 30cm
5 Life test Key life ≥30000 times, boot time ≥10000 hours