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CRONY NEW K20+ K20 Multi-function mobile power supply With inverter

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CRONY NEW K20 Multi-function mobile power supply With inverter

1.When charging, turn off the product power switch, insert the charger AC plug directly into the 110-240V~50/60Hz power socket,charger red finger The display light,and then plug the charger DC plug into the product DC input socket,the charger When the green light is turned on, it means that the product is full of electricity and it takes about 10 hours to fully charge (no power display function when charging);

2.If the product is charged by solar energy, the output operating voltage of the solar pane is: 18V=,and the output operating current is:500mA(no charge display when chargingfunction);

3.The product has its own dormancy function.When the product turns on the switch there is no load or full state of charging the phone.After 10 minutes, it enters dormancy State; If you need to reuse later,you must turn the product switch back on before you can continue to use it;

4.When charging with USB output, insert one end of USB cable into the USB port of the produt and the other end into the digital product to be charged.The power switch is turned on,the USB port is in the output charging state,and the digital tube on the product displays the corresponding residual power;please use the power switch off;

5.When using energy-saving light bulb lighting,insert the power cord DC plug of energy-saving light bulb into the product DC Can light bulbs,and the digital tube on the product shows the corresponding rssidual power; When no lighting is required turn off the power switch;

6.If using the AV plug energy-saving light bilb lighting, insert the power sourece AV plug of the energy-saving light bulb into the product AV output port to power the product.Switch on,energy-saving light bulbs, and the product digital tube shows the correspon ding residual power,do not need lighting,please turn off the power switch.

1.Products are guaranteed free of charge for 12 months from the date of purchase
2.The following are not covered by the free warranty
A.products beyond the product in the form of;
B.Man-made damage to the product in the form of; serious scratch on the surface of the product, distortion, deformation,falling of parts, etc..
C.Uninstalled or modified products
D.Accident, misuse or irresistible in any way damage caused by natural factors.
CRONY NEw K2 Mul-function nobile owwr spply With invete

20000mAH 50-60HZ 220-240V Made in China.