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CRONY K66 K-06 Super Jumper Starter POWER STATION

CRONY K66 K-06 Super Jumper Starter POWER STATION

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Specification of Jump Starter K66
Model No.:K-06
Battery:A Class Lithium Polymer Battery
Lifetime: 3-5years
Working Temprature: -20-+85ºC
Full Charging Time:4-6hours
Start Current:600A
Peak Current:900A

Case material:
Color: black/gold
5V/2.1A: charge mobile phone, tablet PC, digital camera

1.Start 12v below 5000cc gasoline & diesel car/motorcycle/yacht
2.Charge cellphones etc..
3. Pump the tire of your car
4.Charge laptops, car refrigerator etc.
5. Support flash, strobe, SOS signal.
12V/3.5A:charge vehicle products
19V/3.5A:charge laptop
12V: start 12V motorcycle, car, yacht

Three Functions:
1.Start 12V gasoline (<=5500cc)& diesel car(<=4500cc)
2.Charge mobile phone, laptop, tablet PC, digital camera etc.
3.Support flash, strobe, SOS signal.
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