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CRONY SP120 solar charging panel Outdoor Camping Panels System Solar Power Generator Kit

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CRONY SP120 mono crystalline solar generator and power stations


Product Description:

1. Under the condition of sufficient sunlight,unfold the solar charging panel
make the solar panel perpendicular to the direction of sunlight so that the solar panel can fully absorb the sunlight;
2. Connect to the USB or DC interface of the solar panel through the charging
cable, and connect the battery or other electrical appliances to the other end;
3.Check whether there are charging status prompts on mobile phones/PAD/
power banks and other devices;

(1)USB+DC output suitable for various electronic equipment and mobile power;
(2)Folding design,convenient for storage;
(3)Hanging hole design,can be put on the car bodyRV vantent;
(4)Low voltage output, no safety hazard;
(5)Environmental protection and silent power generation.


SP120 mono crystalline solar generator and power stations
Model: SP120
Wattage: 120W(4F)
Open circuit voltage: customized voltage or 18V output
Current: 6.7A
Dimension: 430*360*40mm
N.W.: 3.65Kg
Output: 2*USB QC3.0
1*PD 65W
DC 18V