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CRONY 10W DT-8188 UHF Double Segment Color screen Professional Walkie Talkies 8-20km

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CRONY DT-8188  10W UHF Double Segment Color screen Professional Walkie Talkies




Warranty: 3 months for device only not included the battery

Product information:

1, frequency band: double segment: U: 400-470MHz     V: 136-174MHz

2. Number of channels: 999 sets of memory channels

3, working voltage: DC7.4V (4800mAh polymer lithium battery)

4, size: 145 × 63 × 42mm


1. Multiple backlight color options

2. Backlight mode

3. Duplex segment, same segment transfer function

4. Duplex working mode: AB area can work duplex (one area can be received in another area, it needs to be used with the earphone cable)

5. Double reception: the same time or different segments of the AB zone can be received simultaneously

6. Large color screen display

7. Dual display: large screen dual frequency display, two completely independent operating systems

8. Frequency difference and frequency difference direction

9. UHF and VHF span transfer or VHF and UHF span transfer function

10.999 group memory channel

11. High, medium and low third function output

12. QT/DQT subsonic codec, QT/DQT subsonic scanning

13. VOX voice-activated transmission function

14. Side key definition function

15. Caller ID

16. Display caller ID

17. DTMF codec

18. Group call, group call, selective call function

19. SOS disaster relief function

20. Priority channel scanning  twenty one. Remote emergency alarm

twenty two. Wide and narrow band optional (25KHz/12.5KHz)  twenty three. Chinese and English

operation voice prompts twenty four. Chinese and English display interface

25. Single tone pulse frequency 2100Hz/1750Hz/1000Hz/ 1450Hz (for signaling to activate the relay)

26. Scrambling function

27. Stopwatch function