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Crony 20L C20 Car Refrigerator with Lithium Battery

Crony 20L C20 Car Refrigerator with Lithium Battery

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Crony 20L C20 Car Refrigerator with Lithium Battery

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20 Liter Portable Car Refrigerator

  • High Cooling Performance 45 Watts Compressor Reaches -4°F(-20°C)
  • Ultra Compact, Light Weight, Portable Unit With Carry Handles
  • Storage Capacity 21 Quart (20L), Holds 30 Cans, 9 Wine Bottles Upright
  • Vehicle Battery Protection System, Supports Both 12V DC and 110V AC
  • Suitable for Use In 4WD, Caravan, Boat, Truck, Camping and More

Product description

The portable in-car fridge is the perfect solution for your on-the-go food/beverage storage needs. Whether you are driving or camping, the  fridge will keep your items cool. 


● 100% CFC Free 
● Adjustable Temperature Control 
● Ice Free Operation 
● Anti-leakage inner Tank with Drain Valve 
● High Depth for Large Upright Bottle Clearance 
● Quiet and Anti-vibration 
● Low Power Draw 
● DC/AC Compatible 
● Solar Panel & Power Generator Compatible 

Product Specification 

● Size - 23.5 x 12.6 x 12.6 inches 
● Capacity - 21.1 quart / 20 liter 
● Weight - 21 pounds 
● Temperature - adjustable up to -4°F /-20°C 
● Wattage - 45 watts 
● Energy Usage - 0.2 KW/h 
● Voltage - DC 12V/ AC 110V

 The refrigerator battery can be used for 4 hours, the battery capacity is 15600 mAh

 Warranty: 12 Months

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