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BenQ Wireless MX604 XGA DLP Projector, 3600 Lumens, HDMI

BenQ Wireless MX604 XGA DLP Projector, 3600 Lumens, HDMI

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Warranty:  1 YEAR


BenQ Wireless MX604 XGA DLP Projector, 3600 Lumens, HDMI

• Model Number: MX604
• 1 Year Official Warranty
• 3,600 ANSI Lumen High Brightness for Stunning Presentations
• 20,000:1 High Native Contrast for Crisp Readability
• Highly Compatible Connectivity
• BenQ SmartEco Energy Conservation
• 15,000hrs long lamp life


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Exceptional Image Quality for Presentation Impact

Clear High Brightness for Small Well-Lit Meeting Rooms

 3,600 lumens of high brightness enable comfortable lights-on presentations to promote discussion, collaboration, and note-taking in small, well-lit meeting rooms accommodating up to 20 participants. The high luminance boosts picture quality with vibrant color for pictures and videos as well as crisp text and fine details.

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High Contrast for Clear Text

 With industry-leading contrast and pixel fill factor, BenQ MX604 meeting room projector produces the truest blacks and unmatched readability with every character, graph, and chart crisply defined. High fill factor increases clarity for black and white or color images and reduces eye strain for presenters and audiences to stay focused on the content.

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Immediate Wireless Presentation for Smooth Meeting Productivity

Seamless Wireless Presentation with Universal Compatibility

 BenQ MX604 meeting room projector delivers seamless and intuitive wireless presentations when paired up with QCast and QCast Mirror Wireless Dongle. By plugging the wireless dongles into the HDMI 1.2 port and USB power supply (5V/1A), users can start effortlessly projecting high quality content from tablets, smartphones, and laptops running iOS, Mac, Android and Windows.

Optional Accessory: QCast Mirror HDMI Wireless Dongle, QCast Video Stream Wireless Dongle

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Smooth HD Video Quality and Zero Cost Maintenance via WiFi

 By pairing up with wireless dongles, such as QCast and QCast Mirror, MX604 is able to stream high quality video wirelessly while ensuring users can enjoy the absolute wireless presentation freedom.

Highly Compatible Mobile Connectivity 

HDMI Connectivity

 BenQ MX604 meeting room projector comes with two HDMI ports that support multiple presenters and their devices with ease, which satisfies the current digital trend while also supporting QCast and QCast Mirror.

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5V/1.5A USB Power

 BenQ MX604 meeting room projector comes with an embedded USB port capable of supplying steady 5V/1.5A DC power to any wireless dongle, which ensures a truly hassle-free and high quality wireless presentation experience in meeting rooms.

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MHL Connectivity

 MHL connectivity lets Android smart devices mirror documents, photos, videos, or any other content via MHL cable to share ideas and presentations, while charging the mobile device simultaneously. In addition, MHL powers compatible wireless dongles such as QCast Video Streaming for wireless presentations without additional USB power cables.

Versatile Adjustability for Convenient Setup

Vertical Keystone for Perfect Alignment

 Countering the trapezoid effect when the projector must be placed off-center, such as simple placement on top of a table, vertical keystone function adjusts the image for a professionally squared image. Keystone correction makes it easy to project ideally aligned images from a variety of locations.

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Adjustment Feet for Convenient Setup

 MX604’s two adjustment feet significantly enhance flexibility for projector setup and mobility in various types of meeting rooms, with the additional feet placed at the corners for high mobility.

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