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CRONY CN-111DJ Speaker Rechargeable speaker with DJ Mixer DJ-1036 + 2 radio microphones

CRONY CN-111DJ Speaker Rechargeable speaker with DJ Mixer DJ-1036 + 2 radio microphones

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Rechargeable speaker DJ-1036 with two wireless microphones, remote control and LED backlight.

Ability to mix different tracks from two Sound sources simultaneously
2pcs x bluetooth connection
2pcs x USB / SD Card Inputs
2pcs x AUX inputs
2pcs x Wireless Microphones
There are many Sound Effects.
Very cool mini DJ station.
Good and clear sound
Excellent BASS
Professional active acoustic combo radio system, for use at open performances by musicians, conducting presentations, etc. Built-in microphone radio system with a radio microphone. Battery operated 26000mAh lithium-ion battery. USB. Remote control. Bluetooth.

Speaker transport on casters , additional handles on the sides for easy transport of the system and extendable handle.

Acoustic system :

Acoustic power: 150 W
RMS Peak Power: 300W
Frequency response 45 Hz to 20 kHz
Nominal impedance: 8 ohm
Speakers 2x3 "Horn HF + 15" LF (bass)
Maximum sound pressure 76 dB
Microphone radio system :

Dynamic cardioid microphones - 2 pcs.
The rugged construction ensures reliability no matter where the microphone is used.
Frequency response: 50 to 15,000 Hz
Increased sensitivity to mid frequencies.
Built-in microphone radio receiver - VHF system
The range of the microphone within a radius of up to 50 from the receiver.
FM radio receiver.

Microphone: 1 Jack 1/4
Guitar 1 Jack 1/4
AUX input x 2pcs. - to connect mobile phones
USB x 2pcs. -to connect a Flash drive, MP3 player.
For USB system start, pause, rewind, stop.
Linear entrance (Tulip).
Bluetooth connection.
FM radio receiver.


Microphone Reverb:
Separate volume control:

Connected devices
The speaker system is powered by a built-in 26000mAh lithium-ion battery , 220V, 50Hz power supply

Three types of acoustics power supply - power is changed by a switch on the acoustics case :

Built-in battery.
From a 12V power supply (that is, from an additional 12V battery).
From the 220V network (from the socket)
Led backlight can be turned on / off!
Battery life, when fully charged, 8-10 hours.
The built-in amplifier has overload and short circuit protection.

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