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Crony 5828 LED Clock Digital LED Clock Wall Clock Office Clock

Crony 5828 LED Clock Digital LED Clock Wall Clock Office Clock

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Modern wall clock with LED display Red clock backlight

Red, black LED digital wall clock. The watch has a built-in battery to store settings in the event of a power failure.
Not only is it perfect for home, public areas, lounges, waiting rooms, dining venues, but it's perfect for its clean and informative design!
The wall clock displays the time, calendar and temperature in large and bright characters and can be easily hung on any wall. It has a slim, glossy frame and fits into any space.
Time memory function - does not require data adjustment after a power failure.

Technical Specifications:
Durable plastic case;
LED display (red);
Displays: hour/minute/second;
Time format: 12 or 24 hours;
Calendar (day/month/year);
Thermometer (displays temperature in degrees Celsius);
Clock dimensions approx.: Length 46x22 cm;
Black colour


Calendar application Manual

l. Function Introduction
1500 years calendar, chord music instead of ordinary alarm sound.
2.There are 5 groups of alarm, 5 groups of birthday reminder function, you can choose only 3 groups of alarm, also can choose to cancel the alarm and birthday reminder.
3.Automatic dimming of brightness is optional, Chinese time telling is optional, chord music for domestic and export is optional, 12/24 hour system is optional.
4. Temperature range: -9~+50℃.2 Operation Instructions
1 Time Adjustment
1.1 Under normal travel time, press the "Set" key to enter the time setting state, and at the same time, the year"flashes", press the "Up" or "down" key to modify the year, press the "Set" key to change the flashing to"month", press the "Up" or "Down" key to modify the month; In the same way, the day, hour, minute and second can be set; The week, lunar month and day will automatically follow the Gregorian calendar.
1.2 When the seconds are set, press the "Set" key to exit the time setting and return to the normal time state.
212/24 hour switch
You can manually switch to 12/24 only after you select12-hour system from the drop-down list. During normal travel time, press and hold the "up" button for 3 seconds to switch between 12-hour and 24-hour. The reset mode can be set to 24 hours or 12 hours by default.
3 0n/Off the hour (hour alarm)

In normal travel state, press the "up the hour alarm switch" key, you can open the hour power at the same time the hour indicator light; Press "Up" to disable the hourly indicator and turn off the hourly indicator.4 Set alarm
4.15 set alarm
The default value is invalid. The default time is 12:00.
4.2 Alarm Setting:
In the normal time state, press the "alarm" key to enter the "alarm information Display state". The alarm indicator lights up and displays "A1" at the temperature evel.indicating that the current information you see is"Group1 alarm". Display "- :-" at the hour and minute level, indicating that the alarm is "invalid". When "XX: XX" is displayed, it indicates that the alarm is "effective" press"Up" to switch "effective"/" invalid ", press "Set" to enter the setting of the alarm time, and the hour is blinking, press "up" or "Down" to modify the contents of the blinking, press "Set" to move the blinking position to the minute, Press the "Up" or "down" key to modify the contents of the flashing position, and then press the "Set" key to confirm and exit the setting time to return to the setting information display, and then press the "Set" key to enter the next setting information display state, which is the same as the"group 1setting", and so on, you can set all the setting.5 birthday reminder function
The default value is invalid. The default dates of groups1 to 3 are Gregorian calendar, and groups 4 to 5are lunar calendar. If there is no lunar edition, all 5 groups are Gregorian calendar.
Birthday reminder Settings:
In the last group of alarm state, press the "alarm"


button again to enter the first group of birthday reminder, in the temperature level display "B1". If the date of birth is displayed in the Gregorian calendar(""is displayed on invalid dates), the date of birth is subject to the Gregorian calendar. If the date of birth is displayed in the Lunar calendar, the date of birth is subject to the Lunar calendar. Press "rise" can be"open/close" group birthday reminds, press "set" button to enter "the group birthday reminder date" Settings, press the "raise" or "down" key to modify the content, press "set" key to move the flashing, press"set" button again to confirm the group birthday reminder setup, then press "set alarm" button to enter the next set of birthday reminder, By analogy,all birthday reminders can be set. When the last group of birthday reminders are set, press the "Alarm" button to return to the normal time state.
5.2 lf none of the alarm Settings is effective, the alarm indicator is off.
5.3 When the alarm is ringing, the alarm will be turned off as long as a key is pressed.
6 Automatically exits the setting state
In any setting state, if there is no action for more than30 seconds, it will automatically exit the setting state and the set data is "valid".
7 Exit setting manually: Press "tell time/Exit" key to exit setting state in any setting state, or hold down the setting key for 3 seconds to exit setting state. Applicable voltage 5v1000 ma



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