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Crony D16 KM-09 Air Compressor with Auto Car Jump Starter

Crony D16 KM-09 Air Compressor with Auto Car Jump Starter

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 Warranty: 3 Months

Products Description
1. In case of dormancy for long time, it is suggested to maintain certain

   battery capacity and the product shall be charged at least at every three

2. During service or charging process,mild heat of equipment is normal

phenomenon but not fault.

3. It is suggested to use the product under room temperature environment away

from moisture,high temperature or ignition source.

4. Please store products in dry area from moisture and erosive materials.

5. Do not use coarse chemicals for cleaning,such as soap or detergent.

6. In case of battery inflation, leakage or peculiar smell,please stop using

   battery immediately.

7. Do not drop products in use.

8. Children shall use the battery under instruction of parents in strict

accordance with specification contents to guarantee correct operation.

9. Please do not throw about or burn waste mobile power supply and cherish environment. 

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