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CRONY CN-550 Coin counting machine LCD screen coin sorting machine Export coin counting machine Banknote Verifiers Money Counter

CRONY CN-550 Coin counting machine LCD screen coin sorting machine Export coin counting machine Banknote Verifiers Money Counter

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The coin sorting machine is a sorting machine that integrates sorting and counting. During the sorting process, the total amount, total quantity, and the quantity and amount of each coin can be calculated. Adopt advanced PWM switching motor speed control circuit: stable speed and high efficiency. Imported integrated circuits and enclosed speed sensors are used inside the machine, with stable performance and

reliable work.



Model : CN-550
Counting Speed : 200PCS/MIN
Hopper Capacity : 300-500PCS
Coin Bin Capacity : 80-150PCS
Types of Coins : 8 Types
Detection Technology : Motor and Sensor
Power Supply : AC 110-240V
Power Consumption : 45W
Product Size : 320x320x270xMM
Weight : 3.8KG
Warranty : 1 Year Warranty
Additional Features : Built-in LCD Display
Batch function
Addition Function
Mixed Counting
Preset counting
Currency Customization


Basic Information

Chinese name: coin sorting machine Other name: coin sorting machine

Function: Sorting and counting as one Category: Machine

Color: light gray, black Number of screens: single screen


The number and total amount show the number and amount of each coin.

Preset the sorting, set the sorting number or total amount. If a currency reaches the set number, the coin will no longer fall and the device will continue to work. After reaching all preset numbers, the machine will automatically stop and display the reached number and amount.

The storage, preset and setting of the machine can be controlled by touching the panel, which is convenient for manual operation.

Fault self-checking, when the sorting machine fails, the machine will display the corresponding fault code for easy maintenance.

technical parameter

1. Sorting speed: 200 pieces/minute

2. Bucket capacity: 300~500

3. Capacity of coin box: 80~150

4. Preset number display: 4-digit digital tube display

5. Currency value display: 3-digit digital tube display

6. Total amount display: 7-digit digital tube display

7. Sorting coin types: 8 types

8. Counting method: mixed counting, continuous counting, preset counting

9. Preset mode: preset stop, preset cycle.

10. Data processing: The number and amount of each coin can be calculated, the total number and total amount of all coins can be calculated, and it can be displayed and stored.

11. Sorting features: with automatic sorting function

12. Software upgrade: not upgradeable


This coin sorting machine is a single currency sorting machine and cannot be mixed with coins of other countries to count together. For example, to sort UAE coins, only UAE coins can be sorted, but coins of other countries cannot be sorted.

This coin sorting machine currently does not have the function of authenticating.

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