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CRONY 5W F6smart walkie-talkie Walkie Talkie Professional FM Transceiver F6 1-3 KM

CRONY 5W F6smart walkie-talkie Walkie Talkie Professional FM Transceiver F6 1-3 KM

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CRONY F6 Walkie Talkie Professional FM Transceiver

F6 Walkie Talkie  license


Write frequency software

Walkie-talkie writing steps:
Step 1: Install the frequency writing software and USB driver on the computer, and install according to the software prompts;
Step 2: Insert the USB end of the writing frequency cable into the USB interface of the computer, and connect the other end to the accessory interface of the walkie-talkie;
Step 3: Turn on the power switch of the walkie-talkie;
Step 4: Click the desktop shortcut on the computer to open the writing software
Step 5: Click "Read Frequency", select the communication port, click "Confirm" to read the default configuration of the walkie-talkie;
Step 6: After the frequency reading is successful, modify the parameters that need to be configured on the frequency writing template, such as: sending and receiving frequency, contacts, etc.;
Step 7: After the modification is completed, click Write frequency and wait for the walkie-talkie to restart and write frequency to complete;
Step 8: Remove the radio frequency writing cable, and perform a functional test on the radio to confirm that the frequency writing is successful.



Model : F6
Frequency Range : UHF (400-470MHz)
Communication Range: 1-3 KM
Voltage : 3.7V
Channel Capacity : 16
Antenna Type : Integrated
Product Size : 96x55x22MM
Output Power : 2W
Audio Power : 300mW
Battery Capacity : 1500mAh
Weight: 90GM
Warranty : 1 Year for Device
1 Month for Battery
1 Month for Charger
Additional Features: Dustproof
USB Charging
Handsfree Mode
Ultra Thing Design
Computer Programmable



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