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Crony Stage Use Speaker 215

Crony Stage Use Speaker 215

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    Wattage per Speaker Channel (RMS)
    Speaker Type
    Floor Standing Speakers
    Microphone Included
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    • Includes one wireless mic, audio cable, car charger cable, charging cable
    • Has got a unique appearance design, noble generous
    • Built in power amplifier system, can be directly used with CD/DVD/PC audio source
    • Manual all wooden box production, high grade appearance of the panel
    • Can be used alone AC 220V power supply and DC 12V power supply
    • The built in maintenance, free rechargeable batteries, also can use an external battery
    • Dual microphone input, simulating reverberation effect
    • Wireless acoustic microphone, built in antenna
    • Built in USB/SD card decoder
    • Guitar input control alone
    • Output Power : 100 W
    • Input Level : 500 mV
    • Signal to Noise Ratio : 80 dB or higher
    • Degrees of Separation : 35 dB
    • Frequency Response : 60 Hz to 20 KHz
    • Power Input Voltage : 220 v/50 Hz
    • R.M.S : 500 W
    • Color : Black
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