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DS8000 8GB Quran The Quran Learning Pen

DS8000 8GB Quran The Quran Learning Pen

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DS8000 8GB Quran The Quran Learning Pen

The Quran Learning Pen is an amazing technology that makes Quran reading, learning, understanding and memorizing very easy.
Simply by touching the pen on any ayah, surah or page, the pen will start to read in a loud and clear sound.

Quran Learning Pen Improves reading skills for all learners – Maintains the flow of reading as students & non-Arabic people encounter unfamiliar words.
The pen has 8GB with a Built-in microphone that will capture your voice with clear sound, and you can play back contrast with reciter’s voice.

Product Description

-- Beautiful printed Quran (Uthmanic Fonts, Book Size:18.5*23.5 cm),

-- Digital pen with High sensitive Sonix OID unit , Point and Play!!!

--High quality of Recitations and Translations in digital format;

--8GB internal space available, standard for 3 Reciters & 3 Translations, 7 Applications,

--Micro SD Card jacket for storage extend;

--Easy to use : Read the Quran text by touching anywhere on the paper, adjust volume, speed of recitation, Repeat any Verse, Surah or Page just by pressing the Repeat button.

-- Word By Word :Easy read and learn Quran word by word,

---Useful Applications to learn :Tajweed Rules,Tafseer Jalalain (Arabic) ,WordByWord,Al-Qiraat,Sharah Mufradat,Hadith-e-Munasib, Sabab-un-Nuzul

-- Arabic Alphabet, Pronunciation guide, Prayer guide, Daily Dua (prayers of supplication);

--Built in high quality speaker ,and earphones can be a concentrated and private learning,

--Voice recording compare and Mp3 playback;

--Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery ;

Download the extra Voice DATA VIA USB ,chose up to 25 Reciters & 23 Different Languages Translations from DATA DVD or website.


This Holy Quran that comes with the Quran Readpen is printed in beautiful Uthmanic fonts and the pages are layered with invisible coded grids. The Pen Reader (OID UNIT) detects each unique code on the grid and will read the corresponding verse or Ayat in beautiful digital sound. When the Read pen is pointed at the beginning title of each chapter or Surah, it will read the whole corresponding chapter. This provides a very convenient way to learn, memorise and recite the Quran, all in just 3 easy steps – point, listen and recite!



With the Dar AL SALAM Quran Pen Reader, there are no computers required and children and adults can conveniently recite anywhere, at any time. With the surah index card one can listen to the Quran or Duas without the need of the Quran. The index card can easily fit inside your pocket making it very versatile and is great for using on trips.



Available Recitations Voices:

Abdul Basit, Al-Sudais, Al-Afasy, Al-Ajmy, Al-Ghamidi, Mahir Alqeeli, Al-Minshavi,Al-Hussary, Al-Hudaify, Muhammad Ayub, Abdullah Basfer, Abubakar Shatree, Ar-Rifai, M-Jibreel, Al-Akdar, Dagustani, Salah Al-Budair, Qari Barakatullah Saleem, Abdul Rasheed Sufi, Minshavi with Children, Abdul Basit Mujawad, Ibrahim Al-Akhdar, Imad Hafez, Khaled Al-Mohana.



Available Language Translations:

English , Urdu, French, Turkish ,Farsi , Yogur , Uzbek, Russian, Chinese, Malayu , German, Spanish ,Malayalam , Kurdish, Darri , Pashtoo, Kirgyz, Kazak, Tamil , Bengali, Thai , Marathi, Somali.



Six (6) Pen readable books Included:

-- Complete Deluxe Holy Quran Book,

--Qaida Noorania;

--Sahih Al-Bukhari;


--Talking Dictionary -14 Languages;

--Surah Index and Dua (prayers of supplication) Card;

--User manual .



Useful Applications:

Tajweed Rules,

Tafseer Jalalain (Arabic),



Sharah Mufradat,





Accessories Included:

Headphones, USB Data Cable, Charger, 2 Extra Voice data DVD, Wooden Gift box .



Product info:

Read Pen Dimension:14*3.5*3.5cm

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