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FLYING PIGEON fashion design 22inch The fire spirit bird Electric bicycle | Yellow

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FLYING PIGEON fashion design 22inch The fire spirit bird Electric bicycle


Product certificate number: A1343471910000102
0.0 Vehicle code: 198621906010847
0.4 Chinese trademark of the vehicle: FG FLYING PIGEON
0.6 Product model: TDL001Z
0.7 Drive mode: electric drive and electric assist
0.8 length×width×height (mm×mm×mm): 1700×710×1100
0.9 Center distance between front and rear wheels (mm): 1100
0.10 The mass of the fully assembled electric bicycle (kg): 29.6
0.11 Maximum design speed (km/h): 24
0.12 Fixed position of nameplate: rear left front of flat fork
0.13 The position of the whole vehicle code on the frame: the left side of the front head tube
0.14 Motor code: YL48V240W19070008
0.15 Continued mileage (km): 35
0.16 Power consumption per hundred kilometers (kW•h/100km): 1.2
0.17.1 CCC certificate number: 2019011119150004
0.17.2 CCC certificate version number: 02
0.17.3 CCC certificate issuance date: 2019-04-23
0.18 The color of car: Beige
1.2 Motor model: WSY01
1.3 Motor type: permanent magnet
1.4 Rated speed (r/min): 300
1.5 Rated continuous output power (W): 240W
1.6 Rated voltage (V): 48V
2.2 Controller model: 48V6 tube
2.3 Undervoltage protection value (V): 39.5V±1
2.4 Overcurrent protection value (A): 13A±1
3.2 Battery type: lithium battery
3.3 Battery capacity (Ah): 12Ah
3.4 Battery model: lithium battery
4.1 Front tire specifications: 22*2.125
4.2 Rear tire specifications: 22*2.125