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H710UT Fingerprint Attendance Biometric Recognition Fingerprint Access Control Attendance System

H710UT Fingerprint Attendance Biometric Recognition Fingerprint Access Control Attendance System

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 H710UT Fingerprint Attendance Biometric Recognition Fingerprint Access Control And Time Attendance Machine


1. Fully intelligent and autonomous fingerprint algorithm, environment and climate changes and finger injuries,

The peeling fingerprint recognition ability is significantly improved, and the recognition time is less than 0.8 seconds under the full fingerprint state;

2. Multi-function authentication and identification methods, you can set different combinations of identification methods such as fingerprint + password + proximity card.

3. Complete offline operation can be realized, and the computer can be used to set up the equipment with the U disk without connecting the machine;

4. The appearance adopts acrylic panel, which is noble and elegant. The shell is treated with UV material for smooth texture, and the back shell is made of rubber paint process, which makes the hand feel smooth and without blister feeling.

Product color: black silver


Screen display: 2.4-inch TFT high-definition color screen display

Fingerprint collector: high hardness optical fingerprint collector

Authentication method: fingerprint, card, password/post combination

Language: Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), English

False rejection rate (FRR): ≤1%

False recognition rate (FAR): ≤0.0001%

Response time: ≤0.8 seconds

Comparison method: 1:N and,

Authentication method: fingerprint. password .ID card .IC card

Fingerprint storage capacity: 1000 pieces

Number of large verification records: 100000 pieces

Communication method: USB, TCP/IP

U disk download/upload function: Yes

Smart learning: Yes

Record query: Yes

Access control function: time period, door control, support anti-passback function

Wiegand input: support WG26/34

Dual fingerprint authentication: support

Verify the validity period function: support

Voice prompt: humanized voice

Name display: Chinese and English name

Working humidity: 20-80%

Working temperature: -10-60℃

Working voltage: DC12V

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