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LC-16 16inch remote control mobile phone Live Fill Light with mirror

LC-16 16inch remote control mobile phone Live Fill Light with mirror

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LC-16 16inch remote control mobile phone Live Fill Light with mirror 

LC-16 LED SOFT Ring LIght


Professional LED Soft Ring Light with Mirror

The LC-16 II ring lamp is a trendy tool for anyone working with light. It doesn't matter who you are: blogger, professional photographer, or makeup artist. If the result of your work depends on the quality of lighting, do not skimp on the lamp! Ring light is the simplest and most correct solution for indoor and outdoor use at any time of the day or night.


The LC-16 II ring lamp with a diameter of 38 centimeters in a minimalist design does not annoy the visual, harmoniously complements the design of the workshop, photo studio, living room and even bedroom. There is nothing superfluous in it, and the correct geometry and adjustable tripod will satisfy even incorrigible perfectionists.


The most important thing about the LC-16 II LED lamp is light. Warm, cold and natural - only 3 modes. Bright LEDs are responsible for flicker-free luminous flux stability and economical power consumption. Controlling light intensity and modes is easy with a dimmer switch. The lamp works from the network, changes the angle of inclination by 180 degrees, is compatible with the main models of smartphones and cameras (a special holder is used).

Who suits

Makeup artists visiting a client without an LED ring lamp are like a photographer without a camera. Adjustable light will help you stay autonomous, regardless of the weather, the level of lighting indoors or outdoors, and most importantly - to do the job perfectly.

Experienced photographers and videographers or beginners with a ring lamp will forget about photo and video defective due to lack of light! A convenient ring lamp on a tripod with a diameter of 38 cm will save the situation, help you achieve the super effect of those very shining eyes in the photo!

Brows, manicurists, tattoo artists, beauticians and anyone who needs uniform, stable lighting will appreciate the convenience of working with the lamp. The included mirror is a nice bonus.


  • Adjustable tilt angle. You will no longer depend on the location of the light source With a 38 cm ring lamp, it's up to you at what angle to adjust the lighting.
  • Pure light without tints. If previously unnecessary shades of light interfered with the achievement of the result, then with an LED ring lamp, lighting is flawless.
  • Opportunities to take photos in the same style. For bloggers and companies, photography in the same style is the face on social networks and the reputation of the site. The tripod ring will help you get the perfect photo.
  • The ring lamp is USB-powered - any source will do: PowerBank, laptop or computer.
  • Mobility. It costs nothing to fold the lamp in a few seconds and put it in a portable case for an on-site photo shoot or work at a client's home. Your own high-quality light adjustable in 3 modes will always be at hand!


  1. LEDs: 336pcs
  2. Luminous flux: 3000 lm
  3. Light power: 3200K - 5600K
  4. Color rendering index:> 90 Ra
  5. Diameter: 38 cm.
  6. Light modes: warm, cold, natural.
  7. Smartphone support width per mount: 5.2 to 10.5 cm
  8. Power: 40W.


  • ring lamp LC-16 II;
  • universal holder for smartphones;
  • a bag;
  • mirror;
  • tripod.



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