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CRONY AD 20W with motor logo lamp LED HD Projection Advertising DIY LOGO Custom Lmage

CRONY AD 20W with motor logo lamp LED HD Projection Advertising DIY LOGO Custom Lmage

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LED HD Projection Advertising DIY LOGO Custom Lmage Projector Lamp 20W Shop Mall Restaurant Welcome Laser Sense Timing Light NEW
Product parameters:
Wattage: 20W HD
Voltage: 110V/220V
Size: 145*135*52mm
Main scope of application: KTV / room / / mall / advertising / restaurant, etc.
Style introduction:
Static: Static:
Rotating: The lens content rotates clockwise.
Inductive models: people sometimes disappear when no one is shining,
Flashing: The light is on for three seconds and one second.
Timed: set the time switch,
Other styles can consult customer service:
Multi-function: refers to the combination of the above two functions,
Remote control: Controls still or rotate, on and off.
1.180° adjustment
The lamp head and the head portion of the track can be adjusted horizontally and vertically by 180°, enabling 100% illumination for both the ground and the wall.
2. High-end chip
The product uses high-quality COB light source, is the most advanced projection light source, HD projection, high brightness, natural light effect
3.IC constant current drive
The product adopts advanced dual IC insurance design and is safe to use.
4. Optical imaging system
High-definition optical lens for perfect processing of light uniformity and brightness, and the perfect combination of content through a scientific lens combination
Rotation description
First, the default sweep angle is 180 degrees horizontally
Second, the scanning speed is 1 minute, the lamp body installation point is concentric circle and equidistant projection
Third, the sweeping device limit switch has a slight sound when jumping, which is a normal phenomenon

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