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QL-11 Quran little fox book lamp

QL-11 Quran little fox book lamp

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product model:QL11
Brand: BMQ
Cover material: wooden
Inside page Material: Imported environmental dupont paper 
Battery capacity:  880mA/h
LED light power: 2.5w
Charging time: 1-2h
Working hours:3-4h    
Product Size:155*108*25mm

Product introduction:
Fox classic style fashion fine mini small book light, small, portable, lovely shape will be integrated into your life.
FOX mini book light,Using natural white maple as a book cover,Simple and elegant,Fresh fashion;Imported environmental DuPont paper,waterproof、Resistant to tear、Good light transmittance,Not easily damaged,Comfortable lighting effects,Better lighting visual experience.
Diversified USB charging mode,Want to charge to charge;880mA built-in lithium battery,Easy to carry,A book lamp that can be carried with you。
8 0.5W high power LED lights,Brighter lighting effects, better lighting effects。
Applicable to home night lights, LED reading lights, bedside lamps, home decorative lights, courtyard atmosphere lights, outdoor lighting and so on.


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