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CRONY Solar powered camera Outdoor Battery Powered Wifi Solar Camera

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wifi Outdoor Battery Powered Wifi Solar Camera

 Warranty: One Year 


1. This product is an outdoor surveillance camera that does not need to be connected to electricity, does not need wiring, is simple to install, and is ready to use; Second, the core selling point:
1. No power connection: solar power generation and built-in lithium battery power supply;
2. No wiring: no need to go through the wall, no need to destroy the decoration;
3. No network: can monitor without network;
4. Remote viewing: WIFI network can be viewed remotely;
5. Human body induction: when people are sensed, the camera will be taken immediately;
6. Privacy protection: local storage, no leakage;
7. Induction street light: when people are sensed at night, the white light will be activated automatically;
8. Simple installation: install by yourself, no professional construction staff is required;
3. Application scenarios: Home entrance, courtyard entrance, fish pond, orchard, breeding farm, mine, construction site, and all places where it is not convenient to connect with electricity.


1. Main control: T21Z / Hi3518E
2. Sensor: F23 1 / 2.9 "" CMOS
3. Pixel: 200W (1920 * 1080)
4. Sensing angle: 120º
5. Sensing distance: 0-12 meters
6. Shooting angle: 90º
7. Shooting distance: 0-15 meters
8. WIFI protocol: 2.4G, IEEE 802.11 b / g / n
9. Support two-way intercom, with echo cancellation
10. Support TF card storage and recording (4G / 8G / 16G / 32G / 64G)
11. Solar panel power: 2.5W (5.5V / 4550mA)
12. Battery capacity: 5200mAh
13. Night shooting: white light (fill light) and infrared free switch
14. White light power: 2W 1W * 2 (switchable infrared light)
15. Infrared power: 2W 1W * 2
16. Induction method: HMD human motion detection
17. Wake up method: induction wake up, mobile phone APP wake up
18. Inductive push: push alarm in 1 second when a person is sensed
19. Power supply mode: photoelectric dual-use, solar + built-in lithium battery power supply (additional 5.5W large solar panel can be added) 20, APP name: Mycam / ToSee


Package:255*205*125mm 1.3kg/set,