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YN99T Low Power WIFI Solar Camera 1080P HD Solar Panel Outdoor Surveillance Waterproof CCTV Camera Smart Home Two-way Voice Intrusion Alarm

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YN99T Low Power WIFI Solar Camera 1080P HD Solar Panel Outdoor Surveillance Waterproof CCTV Camera Smart Home Two-way Voice Intrusion Alarm



> Exclusive independent research and development Microwave induction technology + charge and discharge management technology + built-in decoder board.
>Mobile phone remote control shaking head: horizontal: 355º, vertical: 90º
> No need to connect to electricity: solar power generation and built-in lithium battery storage power supply;
>No wiring: no need to cut through the wall, no need to destroy the decoration;
> No network required: mobile phone monitoring without network
>Mobile phone software for remote monitoring, intercom, video, snapshot, motion detection and alarm, etc.
>Microwave induction is an active trigger detection recording, which starts recording in 0.6 seconds.
>The detection distance is long, the range is wide, and the response is sensitive.
>Not affected by the use environment, high temperature and reflection.
> When the battery is exhausted, the camera can be automatically charged and started after only 2 hours of sunshine, no need to remove it and use the power cord for emergency charging.
>Human body induction: when people are sensed, they can take pictures immediately;
>Privacy protection: local storage, will not leak;
>Sensing street lights: When people are detected at night, the white lights will be activated automatically;
>Easy installation: install it by yourself, no need for professional construction personnel;
>Application scenarios: doorsteps of homes, yard entrances, fish ponds, orchards, farms, mines, construction sites and all places that are inconvenient for power connection and wiring.

Wifi version: 3W solar + built-in 4 18650 batteries for dual power supply, the battery is built in the camera back bracket.


Parameters: YN99
Bracket Type: Wall
Power supply mode: solar + battery
Storage method: memory card + cloud storage
Image Sensor: CMOS
Lenses: 4
Working temperature: 60
Camera sensor size: 1/4
Use environment: both indoor and outdoor
Material: metal + plastic
Infrared night vision distance: 20 meters
Aperture: support
Network supply method: wireless 4G or wifi optional
Zoom zoom: 5x electronic zoom
Minimum illuminance value: 0.001
Place of Origin: Shenzhen
Resolution: 1080P
Item number: YN99
Appearance size: 1*1
Lens size: 4MM
Waterproof grade: IP66
Weight: 1KG
Alarm function: support
Voice type: two-way intercom
Specification model: wifi version - including battery
Voltage: 3.7
Backlight Compensation: Support
Monitoring effective distance: 30 meters
Focal length: 4MM
Pixel: 1080P
Signal-to-noise ratio: 60
Type: Integrated camera